Site construction and Optimization double P and a single server selection

  CND; but although the accelerating effect is better, but expensive funds are not small owners to accept the. So popular online double or single line IP is only DNS intelligent analysis. The telecom speed more than other Internet service providers, choose a bandwidth guaranteed server even if cross network service providers to access the site still does not feel very slow, so in the choice of service providers do not be deceived by the illusion of eyes. In general, a single IP server above.

website construction and optimization of a stable server is very important, when many owners in the construction site to buy servers often hear IDC say: double, four line IP analysis, more conducive to the website. Indeed? Do not be deceived by the illusion of our eyes. In fact, in some well-known service providers all use is Telecom single IP for analysis, rather than the choice of double or multiple lines. Why is there such a situation? In the service business, the webmaster and how to choose more suitable to operate the server? We do the following analysis:

and CDN acceleration is entirely possible to avoid this situation, some large portal website or download the station by this mode. CDN cache acceleration is more than one IP service component, different from the general DNS intelligent analysis: because the use of CDN accelerated so the last station just as an IP. Because of the use of the web cache distributed network cache structure, access is high but can effectively avoid the phenomenon of slow access across service providers to. The following the author cited a more professional interpretation clearly illustrate the problem:

owners are usually encountered IDC service providers claiming to be multi line IP server, actually encountered is the DNS intelligent analysis, rather than by analytical CDN acceleration. What is the DNS? General IDC service providers are two or more IP resolves to the same server, then the intelligent match analysis when the user visits the site. Such as: telecom users to access the site so telecommunications users access to the site’s IP Telecom, China Unicom users to visit the website of IDC, to the user is China Unicom’s IP address, so it can play a certain effect to accelerate. But the drawback is obviously, because the search engine selection index in site IP, which leads to the spider crawling more confused and disoriented, not conducive to the spider crawl the web, multi line IP server more easily lead to drop right phenomenon. Moreover, the webmaster all know, when we are not double analytic analysis is the A record, but the CMNAME alias resolution, such as: "idc1.xxx贵族宝贝", if the service provider to replace the IP address without notice? You won’t have any notice, but lead to the rapid decline.


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