Sina second-hand housing that Shanghai dragon day

for a week, the feeling is not very effective. The ranking has not changed too much, a bit downhearted feeling, supervisor threw me a love Shanghai ranked the first page of the website, let me to do the analysis, I look for a long time not found there, PR lower than ours, the content was not updated for a long time, why is ranked higher than us. The director told me that the reason is even, look at the YAHOO chain more than 1900, a chain of more than 1000 more than us. They see the chain, found some of the station Links, also is the site of several updates a news, give him a whole chain. Contact with these sites immediately, in total to a Links. This time the website ranking is awesome, Changchun second-hand housing up to 15 keywords love Shanghai, has further strengthened my confidence. To change the Links every day, for a PR link that is grey often happy.

this time also know the keyword small float is normal, on the bulkhead for my link. It is the time of a month, six executives call me the morning of August 2nd, at that time I didn’t wake up more uncomfortable, the manager just told me one, ranking rose sixth, the spirit of Lima. Sixth, I finally entered the first page. (sense of excitement, I think you know) but feel the floating a little too big, from nineteenth to sixth, with a total feeling, will look down, the director told me nothing, if not 5 years ago this week off the first page even stable. But there is hope of promotion. I was really afraid of it off well, desperately to exchange links, when 5 weeks didn’t fall out of the first page but dropped to seventh. Is it really, as the chief said, in the next week, rankings are on the rise, sixth, fifth, finally stopped in fourth, the director said in a short period of time will not rise. The above three is housing >


actually I am not in Shanghai, nor dragon link Commissioner, I am an art. Sina came to the second-hand housing has been 3 months, a few months ago also know the website needs to exchange Links, do the daily updates, the chain (the chain only know to do, but do not know what is the use of) can not catch key, only know how to do to update the news (news not modified), add housing. Not until the director came to know before doing is useless.

started with the competent do a keyword analysis, we have to do a few key words, the key index of how to love Shanghai, the first of course is Changchun, second-hand housing, and second-hand housing, Changchun net, Changchun second-hand housing information, Changchun second-hand housing, second-hand housing sales information Changchun.. etc., (this recently… A few days see Shanghai dragon article know, had a long tail words and short tail word. Because there is no Shanghai dragon), we can only be everyone should share some. I am responsible for Links, at the beginning of the chain need to want to exchange the competent check before they can do. (because I really don’t know, the snapshot within a week, what is the use of the PR output.


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