Love is really just the role of Shanghai index to query keyword index

and web search function of love in Shanghai, the webmaster can mining long tail keywords by keyword index related search terms, the only difference is related to the word search related words rise made a significant mark of course and selected web search words like "

first look at the "love Shanghai index:

index is more effective compared to select the keyword

today a whim, "Shanghai index" in search of love love Shanghai, see the following definition: love Shanghai index is used to trend of change of corresponding word reaction every day; it can react to words in the past 30 days the network exposure rate; and the degree of attention reflect users. Simply speaking, a response of love Shanghai index is the web site in a specific time period the number of attention. However, I believe that this view is too shallow, love Shanghai index should have a more profound effect.

Shanghai love index


Shanghai index for love this tool, believe that every webmaster analysis of key words when one of the necessary tools, from the love of Shanghai index index can heighten the level of love Shanghai love Shanghai usage index tool of the day is huge, but most of the webmaster use this tool only for keyword traffic analysis, few can make it use the other hand, today the author from keywords positioning expansion deep love with said Shanghai index.

know that a website positioning is very important, some sites carrying the product or service may have more than two users, or on the same kind of services or products by different word index, but no money to stick to separate website optimization, want to pass a stand to achieve all rankings, however the title of the keywords position and placed and weight are closely related, so should the keywords in the front? Which word is of course more effective, however, in the judgment of these words is more effective in Shanghai is also the index factors a consideration, such as the hospital may be related to the effectiveness of the two the word and the plastic beauty assessment, this time can be measured with the help of love Shanghai index contrast:


mining area through regional settings keywords



some of the area is not strong for keywords, keywords that a wide range of services, to effectively expand keywords tend to think of the brand of the product and service of keywords regional keywords, service sites, they tend to expand keywords through regional key words, so as to bring more traffic, of course, if in the selection area before the corresponding regional contribution to the keywords of simple analysis can often be more effective.

through more

searching for effective long tail word

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