Three major problems that need to be considered before the network marketing

this problem is essential to marketing planners to think. Clear your target customers ages after you can determine your these customer preferences on the Internet, according to their preferences specified targeted marketing program.


4: respect the needs of

before carrying out network marketing, we must first ask yourself, who is our target customers? When thinking about this problem, there are several strong relationship problems:


: first determine the target customer

second: why do we need

3: social demand

analysis of this problem is very necessary, because of the different income level of customers determines their level of consumption.

1: our target customers in


3: how the age of the customer level

2: how the size of the customer base of

: young customer groups, these young groups may usually love listening to music, watching movies and playing games on the internet. Old customers love flowers, fish, magazines, playing chess, listening to the radio.

1: physiological needs

why do you think about this question? The purpose is to determine your product and service market is a mass market or a niche market, so you can specify more targeted marketing strategies.

think about this problem is to specify for the upcoming network marketing in one direction, you only identify your target customers is relatively concentrated, you can effectively on their campaigns, including your advertising etc..

in network marketing is not blind, is not without purpose. He needs a careful consideration and detailed investigation. Only these work well to expand the network marketing campaign effectively targeted, let the network marketing get a multiplier effect. How to develop the network marketing before we need to think about what the problem? The best Shanghai dragon and everyone together to discuss this important topic:


in the network marketing before do not understand the problem, then you don’t immediately go to the implementation of network marketing. Because you do not understand your products and services can bring or solve customer problems and needs what kind of.

5: self >

2: the security requirements of

5: how the income level of customers

believes that the problem is not too much to explain, because of the different occupation groups have different preferences, have different browsing habits and ways on the internet.

this problem can be considered from the following five aspects:

customers?If the ?

4: the occupation distribution of customers

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