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blog is not only a platform, but also a way of information transmission. Then the status of bloggers determines this mode of transmission speed. If you want to experts in a platform or a particular industry become, then you have more authority than other BLOG. If you will integrate these resources application and unremittingly to do so, then it will bring you more objective flow. In these blog resources you need to provide good help for you to unremittingly create more and better articles can be collected all kinds of valuable articles, links, etc. the utility of these resources is very objective and its report.

benefits of blog marketing

blog is no substitute for hard advertising, but can play the role of advertising in a certain extent can even play the role of advertising, and can save the cost of advertising spending. This is not to say that you are a whoop and a holler in the blog, wantonly advertising, your blog articles indexed by search engines and free the effect of at least a part of advertising expenses can be replaced in the search engine.

when your blog is famous or popular, so your blog has become a place for users to communicate. You can put your ideas and issues in the blog, and the user can through the blog comments and opinions, which can analyze user views on blog. At the same time you can set up online survey in a blog or blog, which increase the fun and interactive blog, and thus greatly reduces the cost of investigation.


blog marketing is through the blog website or blog forum contact blogger and browsing, use the blogger’s personal knowledge, interest and life experience and so on product information and marketing activities.

4, alternative advertising investment, reduce advertising costs

is an important part in the blog marketing network marketing, and network marketing in the enterprise pays more and more attention to the blog marketing at the same time, it also has a pivotal role. Blog marketing can widen the information channels for enterprises to expand brand awareness, sales promotion etc.. These can bring huge returns for us, we first of all we should know what is the blog marketing, and how should we go to the blog marketing


search engine is a powerful content retrieval function, use blog to increase indexed by search engines "in quantity and quality, and improve the blog search engine heavy in weight, can obtain the ranking in the search engine to bring traffic, and the traffic is targeted, and can obtain effective and high quality of the external links.

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2, the user behavior of

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5, save maintenance costs

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