Love the sea called the low quality site flood will support the original quality web site

Wang Tao pointed out China website operation problems: low quality site flood, unfriendly and serious security problems on the search engine. By the end of 2012, only 25% of the domestic high-quality website, make quick money into the mainstream trend of Web site operators, 75% low quality site squeeze quality web site development space. 72% website to the search engine friendly degree is low, the degree of search engine optimization failed nearly 40% sites, nearly 30% of the lack of understanding of user needs.

Wang Tao said, leisure and entertainment, video, games, education, B2B is the user.



love Shanghai also launched establishment and operation of the know-all "Lee". Love the sea says, "Lee" is a collection of high IQ engineers team, focused on the search algorithm, the original Internet, ecological construction and other fields. As a representative of "Lee" team, from Shanghai love web search product market of Wang Tao’s interpretation of the report.

Wang Tao said that the 65% sites there are different degrees of security risks, the government websites and shopping sites attacked the highest frequency, into the dark chain, page tampering, VAR implantation are the main methods for illegal attack. This love Shanghai Webmaster Platform provide security detection tools and vulnerability detection tools for the webmaster, also search ranking algorithm, from the web news search ranking algorithm, special type show etc., moderate preferential original quality site.

love Shanghai web search chief product architect Li Ming said, whether it is hardware facilities, Internet, or Internet users on the network and cognitive behavior, are constantly upgrading. This requires websites do more segmentation, service more professional, more close to life". The Internet is full of vigour change, search engine and the website must be more closely, open and active cooperation, in order to cope with the challenges and opportunities.

technology news (Le Tian) March 6th news, 2013 love Shanghai stationmaster exchanges will be held in Beijing, issued the "2013 report" trend Chinese website operation. Love Shanghai said, will focus on supporting the original high quality website. It is also considered the 360 to enter the search strategy, a love draw Shanghai station.

love the sea will support high-quality original website (Tencent technology plan)

in this regard, Wang Tao believes that the quality of content is a long-term driver of website development. The construction site is not a short duration of time to do the job, abandon the idea of a crash, the demand from the user perspective of content construction and accumulation, return to the origin of the content is king. In addition to low quality sites, security also affects the development of the Internet industry.

[introduction] Wang Tao said, leisure and entertainment, video, games, education, etc. B2B is the strongest field for the 2012 user demand, 2013 also will occupy the dominant position, so in the process of construction and operation, as far as possible to these large areas to development and transformation.

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