Let the station out of Shanghai Longfeng Mountain Sickness Trilogy

is the best way to wire net, is to learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon subtly and reasonably connected, become a root of the wire, and then the related wire connected into network, the purpose of doing so is to ensure whether to find known existing Shanghai Longfeng knowledge or skills are through the dense network channel easily find, and then to each point as the base, this network extends continuously, also is no matter how to extend this net is not isolated but related to the knot, collocation connection, thus continuously from the extension point or line of wire to the outside constantly, so this net is more big and not too repetitive and stale, losing power struggle. For example, we started learning the concept of Shanghai dragon, then leave a mark, in the mind as a point, then they have to learn to do for Shanghai dragon, then methods as nodes, learning specific methods, from the specific methods of learning steps, then…… the cycle of playing net. Little connected trace phase, net net are connected. This >


did Shanghai Longfeng people know, Shanghai dragon easy entry, deeply difficult, more difficult to stick to it. Repeat the same way every day doing the same thing day in and day out, month after month, suddenly one day don’t go down. The Shanghai dragon work cannot function, less force than the heart, it felt difficult to progress, there is no new development space. This is because of the restrictions in the prison cave environment for a long time, unconsciously a soft pressure response, namely altitude reaction. As we prepare for exams Nazhen, there will be a response to the plateau, is what has been learned tends to saturation, there is no power, but they have to do is saturated things, they can not find a better way to go out. To this end, I wrote a trilogy of help in plateau reaction stage of Shanghai dragon R are out of trouble.

grasp the connections between things, the formation of thinking system thinking mode and knowledge structure of Shanghai dragon net. When a couple after a certain time honed into a mature Shanghai dragon R, we should not go piecemeal learning and thinking in isolation. To be reborn, shampoo for face. Can not be like the beginning and learn the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon that East Point, some Western thought, and learned a lot of things, in fact, when my mind for the basic content of Shanghai dragon is very messy, it is not a systematic structure, to use the time is from the mind to find the needle, and then move out, laborious and suffering. Do you think in the vast sea of knowledge in the brain immediately looking for less skilled knowledge of Shanghai dragon, and demanded a good match with the answers, this is how difficult things. Because there is no system of thinking, knowledge in the mind of Shanghai dragon does not have a clear sense of hierarchy and structure, and jump to find random, moving, and will experience a lot of repeat screening content in the process of looking, looking and thinking this repetitive jump pause how can we bring the spirit.

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