Hu Peibin analysis of four decisive factors in Web site keywords ranking

, I believe many of my friends have encountered this problem every day to do optimization work done for a period of time ranking is not up, following by the IDSEM member Hu Peibin to resolve some

: first update website contentI believe we all know the

, here is the Shanghai dragon practitioners on issues of concern, the chain is an important part of decision one of our web site keywords ranking, must not be ignored, in this kind of detail about the construction of the chain, because a friend told me today he operation method of external links. I want to correct what is in accordance with the method of operation of people, there is a lot of, the chain of B2B, BBS, blog, independent blog, and so many places, a lot of friends should be outside the chain is a web site on the matter, this is wrong, the chain has become Internet resources the less, many are not connected, even with this is invalid, I suggest less hair, because he is not to play the role of ranking optimization. In addition to the forum we Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should also often see some BBS signature many are not click invalid outside the chain, these things don’t get any effect on the optimization. I’m here to tell Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must find a hyperlink can do a website to release information, so as to improve the quality of the chain.

Links exchange rules I come here to see the first snapshot, second to see how much output included in the amount of third to see the website links, fourth website PR. As long as the exchange links according to the site’s ranking will do so in a very short period of time can go up, (according to do keywords and heat exchange) Links should also pay attention to the correlation, if not so relevant weights between website and website will also transfer discount. So here we are in the exchange links to find related.

The construction of the chain of


second: Links

website to update, but many people don’t think that update you just find a copy up on the line, there is not related to the release of the contents, which will make the quality of the site and ranking greatly discounted, I also here for the majority of the Shanghai dragon who don’t remind me in time to update it to do keywords blunt written in, so as to influence the user experience, the key words to do naturally to sneak in, the enterprise does not need 2-3 station every day to the original article, original article ranking can shorten the time of processing several times than the light in the here I want to nag the two, the original is not let you sit there and imagine, in fact, the original article is not difficult to find material, first, second in the mind brewing, No. Three start writing. This is the original article can be written out. On the station, I would say that I hope to be able to help the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners.


third: the construction of the chain


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