n 2011, a large medical group hospital of Shanghai Longfeng site planning books

3, to "lose weight; Network >

PR: 0

D, the rational use of the relative strength of the way and the absolute path.

according to each keyword needs to be optimized to analyze the situation of competitors. Keywords love Shanghai search number chain, the top ten websites or web pages included the number, ranking page (home page, column page or content page), ranking page number of the chain, the chain anchor text, the source of the chain page type, update frequency, the source of the opponent.

, the ultimate goal of

B, each page of URL standardized and unified, such as: the current site inside on the homepage of URL and some are using 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/, some also used this 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/index.html, is also so many column page url.

four, competitor analysis


love Shanghai snapshot snapshot:

love Shanghai weight: 1

to short path length

4, according to the patient’s search habits, concern for the general knowledge of the patient, we can do something more like doing the long tail words: XXX? XXX, XXX, how much money, or is in effect you compare this kind of general words, this transformation is relatively high.


Alexa ranking: 6457238

website optimization

2, not to spend too much energy to optimize the hot words. Such as: painless abortion.

1, URL standard

2, DIV+CSS reconstruction of some of the underlying page templates, column page template.

love Shanghai included: 202 Google included: 827

domain name: www.hn163fck贵族宝贝

Overview of


love Shanghai anti chain: 161 YAHOO chain: 1

lifting the weight of the website, improve website page search natural ranking in Shanghai love, noble baby results, enhance the website to get traffic from search engine. But the final effect of Shanghai dragon is not only reflected in the rankings and flow, bring more performance in transformation.

domain name age: 3 months


three, keyword analysis

3, our hospital is facing Changsha, so you can do some local words. Such as: where Changsha painless

a, the URL dynamic web page using static

1, do not use keywords too wide.

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