Shanghai Longfeng orders need to be cautious and not all of the list can be connected

in Shanghai dragon industry has received quite a list of around two years, also really appreciate a lot of trouble to customers. After dealing with these customers, the more vast hairy roots in Shanghai Longfeng orders when not all of the list can be connected, because then you will find that many problems, make you work hard. Shanghai Longfeng market is a big market, we don’t need for this part of "trouble" customers and their grievances. The author will organize several types of customers, I suggest you meet these customers to withdraw it from.

customer type three: asking questions, not assertive customer

didn’t know his friend in order of time have not encountered this kind.

type: a customer wanted to keep the prices down, the price for what can accept

now the whole Shanghai dragon industry orders price has become the price of cabbage, mainly due to the low threshold of Shanghai Longfeng nature is very fierce competition. When a lot of sales in order to maintain the performance, so that a customer can receive a. And we know that no matter how simple a word we optimization are needed for some time and effort, if we just take the Shanghai dragon repose in the amount of profit level, then you will be exhausted in front of the computer. Shanghai dragon we need to find more results oriented customers, these customers know Shanghai dragon, is the value of the effect, instead of dwelling on the one hundred or two hundred pieces before. Today some customers in order to 200 pieces of a word all day at our price, the price is expensive, this type of customer is often valued and immediate interests, only compromise on the price, do not even care about our optimization strategy, this type of user I suggest we need to think about orders.

on several orders over the people we need to be cautious, but why the rich should be cautious? You continue to look backward to know why the author said so. To have a rich customer is certainly a good thing, but there is such a class of wealthy customers tend to love their own money to a high pressure situation over us. They think they have the money, what is the problem we need to solve, this is not what is wrong, the next step we need to deal with. But we are in the process of Shanghai dragon also requires a lot of communication with our customers to make the optimization work more professional. After all, the customer in this industry, the industry knowledge that higher than us, but this kind of rich client may we will be impatient in communication with them, we think that money does not work, what thing to say, it is not professional, but in the end we are still the true occupation the spirit of good customer. But this kind of customers often do not understand, we think money is to sell them, let them say, walk, such customer orders also need to be cautious.

customer type two: deep pockets, to a high pressure situation and ask your client to

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