Shanghai dragon core operation details (1) – page optimization settings

every webmaster all know, a web site in order to get a good ranking in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon web page optimization plays a decisive role. So, how are we going to do about the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon skill set, to comply with the Shanghai dragon optimization of very good state? Take this opportunity, with their years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng, exchange and share.

home page title (Title)


if we make love Shanghai’s ranking, the page title (Title) is very important, now Shanghai Longfeng community popular with such a sentence: "wrote the title page, your ranking is half done." of course, this sentence is a bit exaggerated, because of love, the sea ranking algorithm is very complex. Don’t just write a simple page title can get good rankings. However, this sentence is really love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the "marrow", because the love of Shanghai and Google search engine, love Shanghai for each web page title (Title) very seriously and sensitive, Google on this label is not very care about. It can be said that now, so love Shanghai for each web site keywords ranking according to appear in the title page is one of the keywords to decide, and often heard that some owners in the modified title page (Title) after Shanghai, love is not included, or loved Shanghai down the right, or is love sea K station this kind of thing, is entirely possible, because love Shanghai on this label is too sensitive, if we modify the frequent home page title (Title), will seriously affect our ranking, love Shanghai will have it that our website is still not stable enough is not mature enough, can not provide long-term and stable service and demand. As users may also make love, Shanghai search engine mistakenly believe that your website is intended to cheat the user’s behavior, so Shanghai will love your site to give the corresponding drop right. Fine, love Shanghai will be better ranking position for more mature and stable development of our website, this website is very unfavorable. For these, a new station is more obvious, the relative weight of some high station is not so serious. So, how are we going to write the title of the page (Title)? In the 32 characters (32 characters in the title of the title only to love Shanghai, as far as possible recognition) to optimize the core keywords, you remember, make good use of these 32 characters, each character as much as possible not to appear repeat the words, there may also use word segmentation (the word segmentation technology due to limited space, this is not too much, you can in the A5 search related articles to refer to word segmentation), when the title (Title) written, we may not go to change, to illustrate a point here, not all of the site a site’s home page title is written perfect in every respect. Of course, if the website to on-line, the direction of development without a good location site, that is to say the line core keywords when the title (Title) will write off, "

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