Chicken, a Shanghai dragon interview how wonderful a problem

he is a resume in 51job, then the other company message about him to the interview, in place of Changsha. The other is a portal site classification, and people network similar to the 58, a team in the operation, this is the recruitment of ordinary Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, after several weeks, finally arrived at the company, from 2 in the afternoon into the company, the call waiting in the Rest Area, until 4:30 in the afternoon, there has been no friend asked during the interview arrangement, two times.

is not panic, he said: "most recently ice bucket algorithm, before Scindapsus algorithm" (to tell the truth, ask this seems to be a little China education, because love Shanghai every time a new algorithm, basically is great news, we all know that the kind of people, imperceptibly to carry out, so there’s no need to remember.

!" )The interviewer ?"

friends with mark, am I wrong? This time the interview for his confidence in a big blow. His interview gave me the feeling that the company does not pay attention to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or the staff full, find a reason to support my friend. If this is really not sincere, from this point of view, it is not for a blessing.

the interviewer: "this is the Shanghai dragon to the essence, not Shanghai dragon boy, you have enough experience, learn a few years back!"

?"This is my friend

I wonder, what is the interviewer in the eyes of Shanghai dragon essence? To ask such questions, I feel the interviewer is not professional, 10 years ago, Shanghai Longfeng accumulation of keywords can have ranking, what is the essence of Shanghai dragon? 10 years -13 years, the black chain of the world, buy high the weight of the chain, the website ranking straight up, what is the essence of Shanghai dragon? 14 years, and what is the essence of polymerization is rampant, Shanghai dragon? So the interviewer is scanty, read several books became the Shanghai dragon expert.

will meet all kinds of wonderful Shanghai Longfeng interview questions, we treated are not the same, my advice is, before answering the questions, we must first figure out the interviewer’s mental state, to see whether he is really looking for talent.

Spring Festival, the year of the rooster has come, buddies are busy, I love Shanghai dragon door brother, engaged in the optimization work for more than two years, handled the website ranking can also, in my opinion, to find a Shanghai Longfeng work should be no problem, but the interview on the 10th, he meet Shanghai Longfeng interview questions a wonderful

no expression, then asked: "what do you think is the essence of Shanghai dragon


answer: "improve the user experience and website ranking, bring flow, create benefits for the company

the interviewer after reading the resume, a few simple greetings and then said: "you can’t wait to do it, the first element is the Shanghai dragon with patience, right, ask the first question: how many kinds of algorithms to love Shanghai? What is the specific

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