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see this music website: more than 460 thousand, hundreds of thousands of flow is really very powerful, some love Shanghai index over a million keywords were in love the first page of Shanghai, and many of the long tail word ranking is also very good, like many music web pages, this love from above Shanghai included the number you can see, the 1 million 460 thousand number included, imagine the actual page is greater than this number, because not every page is included. We all know that the long tail of the word brings flow far more than a few main keywords, so if you are a music website personal webmaster, how to optimize such a website, starting from the analysis of key words, we should choose what keywords? How to set? I mainly choose the key words and key words long tail keywords.

: the first main keywords

second: the long tail word

love music friends love music website, more well-known music website is a music network, 365 music network, these music websites are made by the company responsible for the operation, of course there is a music class web site personal webmaster do, and do very Niubi, for example: Nine cool music this site, presumably a lot of people are not strange. The following figure:

compared the main keywords, long tail word is the need to focus on the planning. A music website page is very much, the natural page in the title and keywords are automatically generated by the program, I see the nine cool music network page title, for example: the most unusual folk style of the song meta page information, Title: the most unusual folk style songs of the Phoenix Legend _ _ Hyun folk style Mp3 online audition nine cool music nets, key words: the most unusual folk style _ dazzle most folk style mp3_ dazzle most folk style Phoenix legend, Description: the most unusual folk style MP3 online audition, if you love, please love Shanghai will use share nine cool music to tell you the 3 friends nine cool!! thank you for your support. Personal feeling set the long tail word of this page is not reasonable, because the website page meta information is automatically created by the program, so there are some duplicate content pages also can hardly be avoided, so much as long as the information is not exactly the same to meta. Here are several written page title, you can learn from:

1, song >

music website will give the song classification, such as network songs, funny songs, classic songs, new songs, non mainstream songs, but such words competition is relatively large. Personal webmaster optimization these words more difficult, we can choose a few moderately difficult words as the main keywords. In fact, a music website do not like the portal, for example: you can do a funny music network, it is mainly some funny music, so the main keywords are more concentrated, can be set as follows: funny music, funny songs, funny songs, probably for individual combat’s personal webmaster more appropriate because of the time and energy are limited.

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