2014 electricity supplier annual inventory, subversion is the spindle!

December 5th at noon and several friends in Shenzhen to eat, have made decades of traditional business, also do the traditional electricity supplier in the Taobao Jingdong sellers, the two years of business more and more difficult. There are no new business opportunities, asked to see how confused! East past 2014 electricity supplier, have some regular interesting things. If you use a word to describe the electricity supplier in 2014 summed up what happened, is subversive, with a word to inventory is: a promotion, the two listed, three wars, the investment of the four


depth inventory summary, the article is very long, the proposed collection, and slowly read!



a promotion

57 billion 100 million is Tmall double this year eleven of the transaction amount, count me know Jingdong, car home, suning.com, some 80 billion, equivalent to the size of the traditional line of all consumer retail transactions in two or three days, clothing and books 3C communication has indeed formed a trend of subversion. As the total net turnover of US consumer online shopping festival black Friday was $2 billion 400 million, almost China around 1/5, China has completely replaced the United States as the most important mode of e-commerce market, whether it is the absolute volume, or business model and service innovation.

figures shocked Wall Street investors, but also shocked the traditional retail, for the vast majority of retail formats, the transformation is imminent. Taobao’s model is the introduction of a large number of sellers to help users find the highest cost-effective products. Jingdong may not necessarily be the cheapest, but to provide consumers with a limited time of 211 self distribution of the best online shopping experience. Whether it is the richness of goods, or the competitiveness of the price, or the relative convenience, a large number of consumers online shopping platform has been transferred. 2013 online shopping users in about 310 million, while the size of the online shopping users in 2014 is expected to exceed the size of the year by year, the annual rate of consumers to the online shopping market 4000-5000. Under the continuous reduction of the passenger line, the line is more and more difficult to do business, which is natural.

two companies listed

Jingdong NASDAQ listed in May, the total amount of financing more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, the current market value of $32 billion 600 million, the successful listing of Jingdong, Jingdong has basically laid the foundation for the domestic B2C market can not subvert the status. After financing, Jingdong will accelerate the sinking of the channel to the three or four line as well as the rural market, but also announced the United States, Suning, Gome and other traditional retailers will no fight against subversion possible.

Alibaba group landed on the U.S. stock exchange in October, financing $25 billion, the current market capitalization of $265 billion 900 million, far more than the world’s largest electricity supplier company Amazon market capitalization of $144 billion 700 million. Alibaba is not only on the size and market value of the transaction over the Amazon, or in the degree of ecological improvement, business diversification, as well as business models

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