Build their own express Amazon to expand the proportion of part-time driver delivery


Tencent Francisco Amazon is independent of the world’s largest e-commerce company, in the delivery, in addition to rely on UPS, FedEx and other external companies, Amazon has set up independent express delivery team. According to foreign media recently reported that, in order to meet the increasing demand for delivery, Amazon began to allow part-time part-time driver to undertake more delivery business.

, according to U.S. media reports, last year launched the Amazon called Amazon Flex courier program, mainly to hire a variety of amateur part-time staff to provide delivery services for amazon. These part-time drivers pay an hourly wage of $18 to $25 (well above the average wage level).

first, part-time driver is mainly responsible for the Amazon "Prime Now" goods, the service mainly for shipping membership, in a city in the United States and around the world, Amazon can buy the same day delivery.

, however, Amazon will increase the scope of the work of part-time staff, so that they are responsible for the daily delivery of goods and more websites courier services. Amazon confirmed to the media, in Texas, a part-time driver has begun to distribute the site of ordinary goods. For postal members, Amason generally provide free two day service.

needs to be pointed out that the Lyft and Uber of the two United States mobile travel service providers, has a full range of cut in the field of courier services, which Uber has developed a complete system, all kinds of goods distribution of third party retail or restaurant. Not long ago, Uber and even for the retail industry launched the development of the courier orders interface. Amazon above the plan, but also to compete with Uber and other companies as part of a driver.

Amazon said the company has been considering a variety of ways, through a variety of courier partners to provide faster delivery services.

it is reported that, traditionally, Amazon is more dependent on UPS, FedEx and other external courier companies, but Amazon decided to get rid of dependence on the outside world, the ability to build an independent courier service.

Amazon for logistics and express intentions very ambitious. Amazon has been involved in the field of air cargo, trucking and other fields. In January, US media reported China Amazon company, has received the U.S. government license to engage in ocean transportation, means that Amazon will also be able to have the ocean container transport capacity, is expected to China goods shipped directly to the United states.

According to Bloomberg News Agency

reported recently that Amazon plans to express and logistics training to become a more core business, Amazon will be in Chinese and India, the third party company, to construct a connection port, warehouse and other large logistics network.

according to media analysis, in the future, Amazon in terms of logistics delivery can not only get rid of dependence on UPS and other professional companies, and even able to snatch courier orders to become them >

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