Where is the way to buy domestic cooling line

In the past two years,

group purchase if a black horse has become very hot, substantial advertising, all printed on the bus group purchase website and website recently become group purchase good times don’t last long, deserted them, burn excess form and let the group purchase website finally become does not survive, said a recent survey of 1813 sites have been closed down or quit the group purchase group purchase market. In the face of domestic group purchase website of the winter season, how to get the last laugh?

analysis of group purchase website is unable to continue operations, the first is the group purchase website as high as more than 5 thousand, large and small sites of market segmentation, extremely competitive industry; the second group purchase website is the lack of features, either in content or services, Datong small differences, consumer choice is also very casual; third a lot of group purchase sites in its development is not mature period, a large number of blind advertising, wantonly recruitment, the industry bubble let industry development is restricted, service can not meet the burn rate, resulting in financing to keep up with the cost of marketing etc.. In the fierce competition among them, do not have the advantage of the product to buy a small site was eliminated is the only way for the development of the industry.

dianping.com CEO Zhang Tao once said: a lot of group purchase website is listed in order to shareholders. Buy the industry is still young, the model is not mature enough to enter this industry, but if you want to focus on development, or to return to the most basic products, to enhance service. As a new business model, after all, can only burn smashing advertising in the short term to win consumers, do not pay attention to user experience and user experience, not to win the trust of consumers.

A website called

group purchase website will be only about 3, regardless of whether such a claim is accurate, seeing some group purchase websites have begun to carry out rectification transformation, innovation of the refund service, there are also some group purchase website market segmentation, a new mode of professional course, there are some websites to the community operation. What kind of buy site can go to the last


first. The conventional group purchase website in the boss, the site itself in the scale has been great, in the past two years the industry has accumulated a lot of some customer groups, compared to the small group purchase website, they can easily get the foreign venture capital funds, the first problem has been solved, improve service levels, to give consumers a more perfect user experience so, the big waves will survive, Nirvana is the Phoenix, can leave the will to succeed.

next. Is relying on the resources superiority website not only has a stable customer base, but also has advantages in marketing costs, Juhuasuan is independent of taobao.com, monthly sales of one billion, but dozens of existing resources to the promotion expenses is the same industry group purchase website, if it is based on where the customer, the Jingdong store so some of the big business enterprise, group purchase website can not high-speed development of


again. Social operation of the group purchase website, no longer continued to burn the high cost of the road, into the community operations, with the help of the community by.

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