did not expect that you are such a Jingdong Jingdong brand values

The recent news about Jingdong

brush 12G user data leak explosion people’s circle of friends, by turns a number of media reports, the Jingdong in December 11 in the official micro-blog " and the number of public Jingdong; blackboard " response.



said Jingdong diandaqike " "


in October 9th this year, the Jingdong raised platform PowerEgg arena UAV project, raise the amount exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the first domestic public to raise the amount of 100 million for the project to raise the public products.

, however, no two days after being reported by the media brush phenomenon. But Jingdong did not make any official statement regarding the incident.

on the handling of this matter, Jingdong is a display of their values. Many of the media leaked user data reported, because the murder, on the official response. Only a small part of the media coverage of the public to break the billion event, the use of strong public relations means to cover up the facts. The dissemination of public relations in each big portal and print money, since the media text hire influence, this is the values of Jingdong


. In June 27, 2014, Wang Sicong @ micro-blog Jingdong and random Tucao one sentence: "it’s absolutely a computer desk for 200 dollars I paid for June 19th, expected delivery 1~2 days actually now tell me in logistics, do not call the past to explain, really diandaqike."


as of today, the micro-blog has forwarded more than 23000 times, more than 36000 comments, nearly fifty thousand people point praise".

micro-blog released soon, Wang Sicong also updated the dynamic, said, after the night of four micro-blog sent to the computer desk. Although I waited for eight days but Zhicuojiugai performed well to "

if Wang Sicong did not send micro-blog, there is no media attention, Jingdong will be so rapid treatment? Than not, because raise approach to all the broken billion events from the Jingdong, has been able to clearly see the firm attitude.

on a number of social platforms, you can find a lot of people in the Jingdong after shopping problems, no complaints, subject to unequal treatment. If a 50W micro-blog big V, or tens of thousands of fans know almost V encountered a similar situation, the corresponding social platform tucao. I believe, not for a while, you can receive the Jingdong official and private letter, with a good solution.

Why did

say Jingdong did not count?

broke out on the Internet last year, Jingdong official brush reminder scandal. Reported that the public to raise the staff of Jingdong to force businesses to raise the initial brush on the list, and to discuss a good later refund will be rejected.


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