For the sea Amoy cross-border business overseas warehouse construction speed

drama actress in the skirt is very beautiful, you can come from South Korea, and other authentic authentic half a month on the gas, but also how happy to buy buy buy?

in order to allow domestic consumers to "buy" cool, the major electricity supplier platform is the brains: promises their own with overseas positions can be seamless logistics network and Chinese, realize the direct purchase of South Korea as "genuine, full price and domestic shopping, want to buy what to buy, what, quickly reached" the five-star sale service; Liu Qiangdong also join Jingdong "global purchase team to South Korea plans to build a shopping spree, overseas positions in Korea, reduce imports to reach the middle part of consumers; transformation of, is the new development of the growth momentum in hopes of Outsourcing – speed sea duty-free shops; its business model is to cross the middle part of the traditional the establishment of overseas brands and goods supplying cooperation; other electricity providers such as Tmall, 58 city,, is also actively exploring different paths.

with offline and online transactions, mutual penetration of local and global market development for the characteristics of the "business 3" era, the electricity supplier chiefs have the layout of overseas positions, has begun in "cross-border Red Sea", overseas warehouse has become a more and more people try to compete for the tickets".

overseas warehouse or cross-border logistics pain points

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international trade payment tool Paypal (PayPal) recently released data show that in 2018 is expected to China cross-border electricity consumers will reach 35 million 600 thousand, the market size of more than 1 trillion yuan. Under this background, the major electricity supplier website into bureau, model innovation on cross-border electricity supplier, which emerge in an endless stream 1 times "online shopping bonded" and 2 times the direct purchase of imported two models of the most well-known. But in terms of 1 times or 2 times, talking about the cross-border electricity supplier, "true sense, complex process, slow, expensive, express postage card off tax" and a series of problems is still a sore point in the hearts of the sea Amoy family.

in business 3 era, consumers have to pay more attention to the shopping experience in the hope of breaking the language, geographical and time constraints at the same time than ever before, let shopping into anywhere at any time and enjoy the experience of the heart, overseas warehouse is regarded as a breakthrough of cross-border electricity supplier, solve many traditional cross-border logistics cannot solve pain points, such as time, cost, customs clearance, and localization, and with the rapid development of cross-border electricity market, more and more large volume.

with the rapid development of China’s cross-border electricity supplier and consumer demand for shopping experience more stringent, export logistics bottleneck increasingly severe. The essence of overseas positions is to achieve localization of cross-border trade, enhance the consumer shopping experience, so as to enhance the competitiveness of cross-border sellers in the export destination market." EBay Zheng Changqing, general manager of Greater China Shenzhen branch said. As of the fourth quarter of 2014, the annual sales of more than $one hundred thousand in Greater China eBay sellers, there are already 1/3 of the major sellers began to use overseas warehouse.

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