Amazon China into fresh electricity supplier covering 5 categories

news May 26th 26, Amazon announced its "fresh Chinese Museum" officially launched, will cover the fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, seafood cake and 5 main fresh category, select a total of more than 600 products.

vice president of Amazon Chinese Shi Jianjun said, "the rapid development of fresh fields and highly localized characteristics, Amazon will join now has a good reputation and rich operational experience and mature system of supply chain and cold chain management of high quality partners in fresh areas, the creation of the Amazon China" fresh hall. "".

According to

reports, Amazon Chinese "fresh house" first hand five partners, including 21cake, delicious 77, Tahiti, Chinese Dole and Zhangzi island. Among them, delicious 77 is China’s strategic partner in the amazon. May 16, 2014, Amazon has announced a $20 million investment in shares delicious 77.

today, consumers in the Amazon Chinese "fresh Museum" to buy the 200 kinds of fruit, 160 kinds of seafood, hundreds of raw eggs and fresh cake.

at the same time, Amazon also announced that delicious 77 has been settled in the whole category of Amazon China fresh museum". The Shanghai is located in the outer ring within the Amazon China customers, part of the boutique delicious 77 will provide exclusive "one hour speed" fresh distribution services.

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