Traditional industries winning nternet Co

in the face of the industry’s most popular Internet thinking, had to spit it hard. The so-called "Internet thinking", but IT bigwigs think in the Internet more steeped in a few years, while traditional industries do not understand the Internet products, the Internet network operators, advocating the "traditional industry" will be incorporated the illusion of IT company.

rather than the Internet thinking, it is better to say that the Internet is gradually the traditional industry". The traditional industry is one of the most attractive cake, per capita profits to count, GOOGLE, Tencent, Facebook is a big company in front of traditional industries, can go directly through a wall of shame.

Tencent Inc empty about 1000000000 of users, the average value of each user was born a year but also dozens of dollars. If the traditional company has so many customers, even the streets of the store, a year to earn money do not know more than a thousand times more than Tencent Inc. So, according to the Internet gangster such earning capacity, I think we should learn to learn traditional industry thinking, rather than the traditional company to learn the so-called Internet thinking".

, the Internet thinking cannot be sustained, easy to empty

China’s Internet users will die on 7-8 million. Internet users demographic dividend has been Tencent, Baidu, 360 such Empire consumed. On the demographic dividend to do the so-called "Internet thinking" of entrepreneurship, it is a dead end. Whether you do APP or do social, or do any of the Internet products. Want hukouduoshi, hard hard hard!

Internet thinking Internet users demographic dividend has gone. Desperate to control channels through the giant user, a valid user cost 10 yuan 100 yuan. Even if you do Tencent, GOOGLE level you still the same loss. How much investment on the loss of much. Do not say what the Internet thinking is simply a loss of sale. If a venture capital investment company, not a fool is crazy.

two, millet is not the Internet thinking, is the traditional Internet industry

do not have millet marketing strategy to say how high-end. In a word, through the traditional industry to do Internet business. Lei Jun is better than other Internet Co, more adept at using traditional industries classic products (such as mobile phones, TV), open a new channel of so-called hardware and software. Millet ultimately want to control the hardware and software channels.

in the traditional Internet industry ", Lei Jun is said to be the scenery of a little. Use of traditional products (mobile phones) to create their own dedicated hardware and software platform. Through the user base of this exclusive platform to earn the same money with Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu. But behind the low cost marketing strategy, his Internet thinking and therefore adds a very terrible variables.

traditional industries due to brand, service to earn enough high per capita profit. Press the >

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