Alibaba intends to re apply for the establishment of a branch in Taiwan Ma said legal


group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun was awarded the honorary doctorate of science education in Taiwan normal university. Figure from Taiwan business times

in new network on 6 June, according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported that the Taiwan branch of Alibaba in 2008 to set up the identity of Singapore’s business, previously by the Taiwan authorities’ Ministry of economic affairs’ Investment Commission to declare by the shareholder structure is fine, and require divestment, the Investment Commission said on the 5, the Alibaba has been in 5 months to land and capital status to apply for the establishment of Taiwan branch, will take the normal land investment in Taiwan set up branch application process, the fastest expected 2 months to determine whether to approve.

Alibaba previously considered a violation of the Taiwan authorities "Taiwan to invest in land and capital requirements, the Investment Commission was open fined 120 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), and within half a year of divestment, and Alibaba that was established 2008 in accordance with normal procedures, although in May 11th to pay 120 thousand yuan, but has filed a petition, appeal is still in Taiwan" Executive Yuan "will appeal.

for Taiwan branch of Alibaba to re apply for the case, the Investment Commission Executive Secretary Zhang Mingbin said that the Investment Commission has made a preliminary review, 2 days before the Alibaba to do add that file is padded, will be sent to the relevant competent authorities decided to split according to the normal procedure. The Alibaba is still part of the divestment, Zhang Mingbin said, the results do not affect the application.

in addition, in 2013 to Hong Kong identity to Taiwan Branch, for the same reasons by the Investment Commission on penalty of NT $240 thousand, within 6 months of transfer or divestment, Zhang Mingbin said, has also expressed willingness to re apply, but it is still in preparation has not yet been put forward.

according to Taiwan’s "commercial times" reported that the Taiwan branch of Alibaba in Singapore’s business is registered in the name of the Taiwan authorities, Ministry of economic affairs "fine, Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma yesterday (5), Taiwan media stressed that both the Taiwan Alibaba and Taobao, enter the Taiwan process and registration a reasonable and legitimate.

Ma yesterday was conferred an honorary doctorate of science education in Taiwan Normal University, he said in an interview, first with the reasonable and legitimate way to set up a branch in Taiwan, then will the introduction of billions of funds.

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