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station network (www.admin5.com) January 24th news, the domestic P2P net loan market in the past two months because of abnormal lively, four P2P platform has got favorable financing: network access to China Softbank tens of millions of dollars of investment; the melting point of the network to obtain the northern lights tens of millions of dollars investment; strategic investment investment for love the background of the country’s emergency assistance Investment Co. company; peer-to-peer lending and loved the letter capital investment of $130 million. However, since October last year, the collapse of the exposure of the P2P tide, but also many investors worried about the P2P platform.

recent financing of the four P2P companies have common characteristics, is more or less the layout of the line business. Cooperation in investment and financing Guarantee Corporation love line, there are small loan companies, enabling network and the line of cooperation, the melting point of the network cable under investigation team, and set up a peer-to-peer lending company independent offline friends. Line below the line, it is the domestic P2P industry and foreign different places. Lending Club pure online trading, valuation can reach $1 billion 550 million, but the domestic peer-to-peer lending as the representative of the P2P are combined in the mode line to go online.

P2P closures will continue for some time, at least until May this year, all kinds of foot and collapse platform will continue to appear." Group net loan CEO Tang Jun believes that due to cross-border Internet and finance, P2P is actually a high threshold for the industry, but with the development of the industry, P2P industry chain platform more and more perfect, there have been some specialized P2P platform for the operation of the company, can help investors who have the intention to invest P2P to operate, but if no third party platform the core technology, but also do not understand the risk control and financial logic, certainly is not good, will soon be exposed. Net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei believes that due to the industry is still in the regulatory blank period, this year, P2P platform collapse will even show the characteristics of conventional.

high yield and high risk is as everyone knows the rule. However, in the face of the P2P platform generally high returns, many investors will be the basic law of the investment behind. Everyone enrichment media director Liu Xiafeng of Nandu said that many P2P investors in the choice of the subject, often just stare at the annual yield". He warned: high-yield behind, not a pie, can only be a trap."

in other words, although the domestic P2P net loan platform to Lending Club to emulate the object, but gradually out of their own way, and this way has also been recognized by the capital. For 2014, the general view is bullish. Wang Sicong believes that in 2014 there will be an outbreak of the industry, Xu Hongwei is estimated that in 2014 the P2P industry investment mergers and acquisitions may be able to 10 to 30 pen.

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