Turn off the BT website triggered panic dissatisfaction official silence cited suspicion

has been closed for nearly a week from the BT China alliance. The resulting panic, but also spread among hundreds of millions of Internet users. Reported that, due to the competent department of internal staff revealed that in December 11th there will be more sites were closed, many BT fans have begun to pay close attention to the use of the remaining time, and the accumulation of pirated audio-visual programs downloaded crazy.

December 11th, the deadline is not exactly BT website? The remediation of sites involved in the end how many? After a new round of consolidation, the China Internet audio-visual program website will face what kind of new environment…… The majority of Internet users, the public have numerous questions. However, after nearly a week of suffering, in the face of the media as a ‘greater impact than’ World of Warcraft ‘event, the mystery seems to be still unable to solve.

as everyone knows, the spread of illegal Internet audio-visual program on the website of pirated audio-visual programs, the program of the copyright owner of intellectual property rights has caused serious damage to the development of the cultural industry, China posed a great threat. In the United States, Japan and other countries, copyright protection is placed in the cultural industry in the development of the supremacy of the position. With the rapid development of China’s network audiovisual industry, the copyright protection of the program has emerged. Not long ago, jointly organized dozens of sites "Internet audio-visual program anti piracy alliance also aroused public hot debate, is to arouse awareness of copyright protection is more and more domestic websites and Internet users.

compared with the developed countries in the cultural industry, China’s Internet copyright protection of the film and television programs are far behind. Held at the end of November to the 2009 World Film Alliance Annual Meeting, from a European country in the film even declared at the meeting: "China piracy market will eventually destroy the country’s film industry." Although this is somewhat alarmist, but it is also a stick. To combat piracy, copyright protection, has become a China process in the development of cultural industries as pressing danger.

now, a number of websites to spread pirated audiovisual programs will be banned, but also means that more legitimate sites with copyright awareness will be greater room for development.

that’s a good thing. However, the public panic even dissatisfaction, but it can be understood. On the one hand, that part of the Internet user’s awareness of copyright protection should be enhanced; on the other hand, BT and other video websites, for users of cultural life indeed provides a rich and convenient conditions, welcome. Therefore, the closure of these sites, it should be said that the rationale for the Qing, Tao ming. The public’s understanding and support for the work of the government is based on full communication and transparency. If the parties concerned for a long time silence, there will be some people doubt: shut down the illegal audio-visual program website to bring the opportunity to pirated optical discs." If the authorities have been silent, give up the power of discourse, these unpleasant sounds misleading to the public, will not only make a good thing becomes less effective, but also can make it in the public mind the image of the opposite.

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