CNET founder declared bankruptcy had $1 billion 800 million to sell the site



technology news site CNET founder Halsey (Halsey Minor),


technology news Beijing time on June 1st morning news, according to U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider reported, the U.S. technology news site CNET founder Halsey (Halsey Minor), last week filed for bankruptcy in 2008, sold for $1 billion 800 million CNET.

According to

reports, the 47 year old, a debt of $100 million, but his current assets of only $50 million.

Mina in the late 90s of last century to leave the CNET, and set up a number of new companies, while he was on the hotel, horse racing, real estate and other investment, but failed.

In addition,

, the establishment of venture capital institutions Minor Ventures, early investment in many technology start-ups into, including voice technology startups Grand Central Couumnications. 2007, Google Grand price of about $65 million acquisition of Central, the integration of its voice services, the formation of today’s Google Voice.

, however, investment in the technology sector is not the main reason for its bankruptcy. Really make Mina into trouble, he is involved in real estate decisions. In 2008, with the $15 million 300 thousand purchase under the covers an area of 400 acres (about 1.62 square kilometers) of the Carter s Grove Plantation ‘farm. According to legal documents, the farm was declared bankrupt in 2011.

in 2010, through the auction of the art collection, raised $21 million 100 thousand in debt.

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