When the media suffered electricity supplier, is complementary, fusion or subversion


I world network operators fashion magazines have tried comprehensive e-commerce or self grafting, or to third parties to build a platform, "see that buy" reader experience, open up new sources of income. We try to make new fashion magazine road in the electricity supplier, for example YOHO goods, TV media to enrich the three-dimensional form also gives his own answer, say hi Tao nets, retail business in doing the practice of media offbeat ideas, such as fashion editor.

text / Ma Xiaodan

Under the impact of

on the Internet, print the issuance of a sharp contraction of fashion magazine is included.

lower circulation at the same time, the natural decline in advertising revenue, the transformation of fashion magazine road opened. "Bazaar", "YOHO!" fashion magazines such as tide annals launched a try, the electricity supplier of the grafting, YOHO will own the journal resources and business resource integration of the whole set up YOHO! There are goods business platform, become a focus of electronic business circle.

"before we only undertake brand advertising, but the reader is the consumers of these brands, if we build a business platform to sell ads in fashion, platform stickiness is natural." The editor of a fashion magazine has said that many fashion magazines have a positive attitude towards it.

have to say, good business, the media will also good genes for extra points, just by virtue of the pictures and text description, you can allow users to pay for goods, should have a certain level in photo editing and writing, this effort requires that the description of the goods to attract users but can find highlights.

in turn, the media extended to the electricity supplier business is not a natural advantage?

media electricity supplier to test the water

YOHO! Has the goods, its parent company YOHO! Was founded in 2005, the company has the natural media attribute, has "YOHO, the tidal current annals" and "YOHO! The girl student" two fashion magazines. The trend of the tide covers the city of all levels of the city newsstand, convenience stores and other channels, the audience is located in 16 to 35 year old fashion trend of young people.

2008, YOHO! Online community opened, then began a business; after YOHO! There are goods relying on a strong online community, APP magazine and other channels embedded in the link of sale of goods, jump off the original acquisition based on the contents of advertising and circulation income profit model, cross into the retail category.

this model conforms to the strong consumer demand in real time, when the fashion magazine readers look at the fashion trend of the latest information, consumers have no way to get these fashion a single product or get tedious way, YOHO! There are goods but can let users look at the fashion magazine, "is to see that is to buy" experience.


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