One week news review nternet lottery stop behind the net letter office closed 32 illegal websites


ten on the first day of account is still chaos in many " leaders; " can be registered

is known as the "number ten" of the "Internet user account name management regulations" formally implemented yesterday, on account of the network name, picture and introduction of the specification, involving micro-blog, forums, instant communication tools such as Internet information service. However, the Beijing Morning Post reporter found in the commonly used micro-blog and WeChat, there is still no small number of illegal accounts exist. China Internet Illegal and harmful information reporting center staff said that given the huge number of Chinese Internet users, after the introduction of the regulations also need time to establish appropriate measures and mechanisms, it is difficult to achieve.

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On the first day of the ten

account is still chaos in many " leaders; " can be registered  

account ten, the implementation of the site will soon be self violation account 60 thousand  

edge network supervision to promote the "ten account" to help network world delicate gas is  


2.58 City buy live off Yao Yao to protect the domain name

news March 2nd, following the acquisition of a driving point, recently there are rumors that the 58 city will buy second-hand housing business enterprise anjuke. This morning, Yao Jinbo in 58 city and live off an internal letter confirmed the news, and the combination of domain name has also been protected by Yao Jinbo.


founded in 2007, is the real estate rental service platform, there are three websites anjuke’s, are focused on second-hand housing anjuke, attention in the new premises of the housing network love and focus on housing rent.

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58 city buy live off Yao Yao protection domain name 

58 city confirmed the acquisition of anjuke, a property O2O of the "merger of similar items  

58 city $267 million M & a set up real estate business group  

58 city purchase live off: from the construction of the real estate business to see Yao Jinbo weave classified information network  

58 city + anjuke, really can counter attack the real estate market?  

3 open Internet lottery sale crisis behind the clouds

Internet lottery sales reached 85 billion, accounting for more than 20% of the total lottery sales. As the industry leader, 500 lottery is on the NYSE stock market capitalisation of $Changhong, more than 10 dollars.

the spring of 2015, this hot industry is the three departments of a paper ban.

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