Lily network announced the completion of 1 billion 500 million yuan of financing planned domestic li

Sina officially announced the news on May 20th afternoon, Lily network held today at the "lily network ten anniversary, the company has completed the refinancing of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, and plans to landing the domestic capital market during the year.

Lily network official not officially announced to investors who is the market. According to informed sources, this round of investment in a total of 3 listed companies, five well-known brokerage and private equity funds involved. One of the two listed companies have announced the evening of April 20th, Shengda mining and Great Lakes shares also announced that were invested 80 million yuan and 25 million yuan of Lily net capital increase, the total shares of 5.13% and 1.6% respectively.

informed sources, Lily network to raise funds to raise funds, will be used to the original foreign VIE model (protocol control) restructuring of domestic listed companies in line with the domestic capital structure and the company’s future business development. In early May 2011, Jiayuan listed on NASDAQ in the United States shortly after, there was speculation when Lily network nasdaq.

however, Lily network CEO Tian Fanjiang confirmed to Sina Technology, said Lily network has abandoned plans to go overseas listing, instead of landing the domestic capital market, and is expected to plan to achieve the goal within the year.

Analysis of

investment bank, Lily network to abandon foreign landing the domestic capital market, on the one hand, is currently the Internet plus is like a raging fire, return to the domestic capital market can get user acceptance and brand effect more; on the other hand is the valuation, the current domestic market is higher than abroad.

in order to achieve this strategic goal, the company is determined to be large, can not be transferred back to the domestic foreign shareholders of the company’s equity was redeemed, the newly introduced shareholders are fully support the landing of the domestic capital market." Lily insiders said.

and Lily network executives said, this round of financing 1 billion 500 million yuan, nor Lily network in the last round of fund-raising, during the year there will be a round of financing, there will be nearly 2 billion of the funds and the number of heavy strategic investors.

at the same time, Lily network also announced that from May 22nd to enter the era of free communication, Lily network PC and mobile phone version of the web page users can enjoy free online communication rights. Changes in IOS and Android client products due to the application of the audit market, will be delayed, is expected to be completed in less than half a month online. (Yangtze)

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