On the nternet ten vulnerable website Larry domain

domain name is the corporate image on the Internet coat, therefore, choose a suitable domain name can play a multiplier effect, visible, domain names in enterprise status! As everyone knows, Pinyin domain most easily recognized in China, in all walks of life are able to see her "shadow", the position of the domain name on the Internet is high however, the Internet also has some inherent advantages of Pinyin domain name, is not the official website of the Chinese Chinese characters in the application domain, even far, feel pity her "vulnerable".

1, the interest guokr.com shell network VS double guoke.com


domestic social networking website guokr.com believe that many users are using social networking platform will know! This platform is mainly for urban youth science and technology open, very fashion, very open, but the web site using the domain name was made official domain name is guokr.com, rather than you expect fruit shell Larry domain guoke.com, guoke.com website is a piece of love sad picture, the passage of time will be missed the traveler, Larry VS guoke.com creative guokr.com, how do you see it! Vulnerable, right


2, Kingsoft antivirus ijinshan.com Jinshan jinshan.com


Kingsoft antivirus software at home is very famous, everyone on the "golden hill" this name is very familiar with, but if you visit Jinshan Larry domain jinshan.com, you will find that it is not God antivirus industry, and Chinese? Jinshan environmental protection group environmental protection net, in fact, Jinshan antivirus real official website domain name is ijinshan.com, and jinshan.com love is a homonym for "I", is creative, since environmental protection enterprises take, I also do not care about it! Because we also have to beautify the Jinshan purification, the object is computer antivirus


3, Tonqu.com and tongqu.com

‘s the same interest


domestic TV channel Golden Eagle cartoon TV enabled "fun" Pinyin domain name tonqu.com launched the same net interest, lamented the field of electronic commerce in children’s products! Tonqu Tongqu’s why not homophonic, good Larry domain, to engage in a creative domain, if one day tongqu.com and you build a brand of children the website, parents and children will be how to choose the same interest, VS fun, how do you choose


4, journey domain name zhengtu.com is not the original online journey