Shop real name registration Wuhan 200 thousand network operators are most worried about is the prelu

1 next month, by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services interim measures" will be formally implemented, the individual shop must be "real name system" principle.

Wuhan nearly 200 thousand network operators must take off the virtual vest, use the real name real name for industrial and commercial registration. Reporters learned that in recent days, in fact, most network operators are not afraid of the real name system, but they were afraid of the real name system is the prelude of taxation. At the same time, more small and medium network trading platform will face a huge cost.


still wear vest

began in July 1st, we set up shop on the Internet, have to publish the real name of the


recently, China’s "network behavior of commodity trading and related services interim measures" after the introduction, many network operators are a little surprised, it seems that their privacy is exposed on the Internet, especially some white-collar workers, civil servants and other employees, usually by the shop to do a little business, once the true identity of the public, for fear of being asked the leadership.

according to the reporter, the interim measures will implement the main responsibility of the online real name system on the Internet trading platform operators who. That is to say, the operator provides the online trading platform service, the true identity of natural person to shop for information online review and registration, establishment registration files and regularly verify updates, mark issued proof of personal identity information is true and lawful, loaded in its commodity trading or service activities on the web page.

in fact, this is the former virtual reality, that is, the background real name system, the front desk can still use the virtual name, nickname.

Prior to

, Taobao, eBay and other online trading platform has long been the implementation of this virtual reality before the real mode of operation.

therefore, the real name system has little effect on the network.

The next

will collect


data show that in 2009 China’s online shopping transactions amounted to 263 billion yuan (mainly in kind). Only in the first quarter of this year, the scale has exceeded one hundred billion yuan.

"we are concerned that the real name system, the next step is to collect fees, taxes!" at the Taobao forum reporter saw many network operators "fees, tax There were many discussions. And frankly, this is the most afraid of".

net is a business owner said, choose to open shop, took a fancy to the shop can be exempt from management fees and taxes, do not put in a platform outside the window, purchasing a large quantity advantage etc.. In the future, if the shop also began to collect management fees, taxes, will increase the cost of many entrepreneurs.


business sector, corporate, registered and licensed other economic organization or individual industrial and commercial households open shop, should be prominently in the "shop" page open license information or business license electronic link logo, but not mandatory for all operators must apply for business license.


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