God carved O2O play do Manicure service into line, first relationship again

I dark horse believes that the key point of O2O is not a model, but how to quickly contact the line under the line, as long as the contact, the business will have the imagination. As a "commercial genius" is God carved with light way Manicure "into the line, has a relationship with consumers.

and O2O once the real relationship with consumers, the back of the "chemical reaction" can occur. This is the real thinking of the Internet, with light things into the back, and then the occurrence of heavy things.

July 16, 2014, God carved Meng wake in micro-blog suddenly announced that he has been in the first half of the secret O2O project: "the beaver family Manicure." It is reported that this project has achieved good results in Beijing, Shanghai. Ye ye even claimed that the project has been finalized early spring A round of financing from IDG. This is God carved third business, and before AFU compared to oil and carved sirloin, God carved up again Meng cross, enter the beauty industry O2O, had to admire the Internet circle expert.

AFU essential oil, carving Ye’s first venture

was founded in 2003, AFU God carved oil oil, AFU really is known after the main agent was wellington. Beijing Wellington Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2009, is affiliated to Beijing four Hall of science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., is a cosmetics e-commerce company, mainly engaged in oil products for AFU. In fact, a channel is just AFU oil, the use of this channel is Meng wake to shape the brand AFU oil this brand from the higher level. To construct the promotional and channel from product positioning, Meng wake is committed to AFU oil a belongs to petty female "mass luxury", to a certain extent, he is not only the essential oil to sell AFU products, but a packaged bourgeois women’s way of life.

AFU channels are mainly divided into online shop and offline counters. Online and official website and third party platform flagship store, like Tmall. Meng wake to see themselves as brands, as is AFU oil official website, the main display of goods and Taobao cannot provide customized services, AFU in the whole network marketing success, to create a life of the petty female image.

carved sirloin, two business transformation attack food

God carved the two undertaking transformation attack the catering industry, founded in October 2012, carved sirloin in Beijing, with the traditional Internet service catering, is a combination of online and offline light luxury meal catering brand, belonging to a Beijing catering management company limited. The essence of a good restaurant does not lie in the number of dishes, but that the product is excellent and constantly optimize the user experience is a unique business model Meng meng. God carved sirloin and refined with less number of single product, the Internet service to create a user experience. Ye ye think if you can provide consumers beyond expectations of satisfaction, and high frequency, repeated consumption of quality products and services, then, you will make money. >

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