Analysis on the effect of synchronous micro-blog network marketing method

is currently the most popular network marketing methods can not be non micro-blog, micro-blog key has the characteristics of convenient, and also has many fans of such characteristics, how will the micro-blog marketing turned into synchronous micro-blog, so micro-blog will greatly increase the marketing effect! How can synchronize the relevant planning below micro-blog? We have to analyze the synchronous small


A: what is the sync micro-blog


synchronization refers to the marketing staff also have a micro-blog account, and then send a message in a micro-blog one, then sync to several micro-blog on the other, this approach reduces the trouble for you to copy and paste, thus greatly improving the efficiency of /p>! "

two: what tools can be achieved synchronization micro-blog

In fact, micro-blog is not set up their own

synchronization in micro-blog, but to set need some tools, many tools can also set the witter, micro-blog, micro-blog, Phoenix Sohu NetEase micro-blog, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog will be the synchronization, the specific tools we can through the search engine to check, the key here is to tell you a method of synchronization is also micro spread in the form of SMS, so too much micro-blog words do not, generally one is 140 words, this is also a lot of people love the main reason to write micro-blog, because writing a 100 for a lot of people are very simple, if it is to write a blog, it takes a lot of time, so most people don’t really love entertainment blog, if you want to write a blog that is written to please the Gunners, but now People in the entertainment industry for micro-blog is very enthusiastic, perhaps this is the usual use of it!

three: sync micro-blog will bring you what kind of marketing effect


synchronous effect according to the synchronization method basically can determine if it is a micro-blog alone, you’re just a person in the battle, if you put several micro-blog sync, that would be Mr. Huang Jianxiang that you are not a person in combat, so micro-blog can sync let you improve work efficiency but also can expand their circle of fans, if you send an advertisement information, you can make your many fans can also share the benefits, this is micro-blog sync! In addition micro-blog also send me their own blog or website links, so you can make a lot of traffic to my blog and website, will greatly enhance the marketing effect of


way by micro-blog flow can greatly enhance the conversion rate of the site, enjoy very good service on your website, and turned to your micro-blog more favored, and loyalty will increase, the natural formation of a very good cycle! So synchronous micro-blog effect is very good! It is about micro-blog synchronous network marketing plan, we believe that micro-blog sync began to have a general understanding of


finally is when we find a marketing method, do not solid

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