No matter what the search is the chain home network ranked first the chain of home wealth capricious


yesterday afternoon at about 17, users found Baidu search keywords ranking first arbitrary is the chain of home network, search what words are. Above:



is the key chain home network is like this:


a time, users have speculated:


@ Lu Zhiwei: Baidu was hacked? Search what is the chain home network information?

@ What do you joke: @ Baidu @ chain home who killed who, or the chain home made

@ no heart no Fei chowhound: Baidu is black! Search page is all hijacked! – July 13th 17:00, most of the country users in the use of Baidu search, there will be a chain of home network brand, its brand promotion efforts beyond imagination.

@ Yang Feifei: the dream thought chain home to spend a lot of money to buy advertising, Baidu suddenly bring home chain too much love, too many points, the chain of home background has collapsed, this story tells us: opportunities for people who are ready.

@ embedded _Money: today, no matter what Baidu search is the chain home network ranked first, which is the home of the chain network of self willed or @ Baidu chain home network black?

search the name of the city, the first is the chain of home network:



know almost net friend Zhang Liang -Leo on the matter to do the analysis

"I don’t know why, for a pile of hair to invite me."


"I have someone in my group that says"


I want to

, a chain of family financial resources, although this year have a market value of billions of dollars to be so generous, but a buyout all Baidu promotion advertising, it is not possible. The possibility of visual Bug is very large.

another netizen Yingdong Lai said:

this is Baidu promotion department internal operation error;

even when there is an error, the search for "Jingdong" "IBM" and a small number of brands will not appear link network;

In addition to

, the search for other content will appear chain home network.


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