An analysis of enterprise network marketing in Dongsheng. Did you shoot

with the development of network marketing, market competition in the next few years will become more intense, more and more enterprises will be on the existing or potential market segments, and use a variety of marketing tools, such as the traditional media marketing, event marketing, event marketing, network marketing and other marketing together, but in many marketing tools network marketing, will A new force suddenly rises. has strategic position.

so-called network marketing, in short, is a way to promote, display or sell products, brands or channels through the internet. In fact, speaking of network marketing, many companies have the following error:

enterprises are easily misled by the concept of media publicity. Portals, blogs, videos, O2O and so on are starting to heat up from the media reports, the results of tens of millions of entrepreneurs to kill, and finally left only a few winners in each field.

concept is a marketing tool, the concept is to create a gimmick to find publicity, but too many companies have been the concept of media publicity to play. For some concepts do not understand the problem, do not believe the media. Any company has its own successful secret of survival, generally do not speak out, so you see the problem from the angle of actual combat, enterprises do with what they are saying in the media is totally different.

so, from a business point of view, what is the platform?

answer: there are people called platform.

For example: WeChat

, Master public car, took a year to write articles from the media, WeChat has accumulated nearly two million fans, every day to sell two hundred cars. Only one account can have such a big influence, half a valuation of one hundred million. So there are users who are platform, no one did not build a website that is not called the platform.

In addition to

, the electricity supplier to do business is easy to fall into the following errors:

a channel complex

Taobao to channel is a problem. Ma Yun said that the world is not difficult to do business, but now it is increasingly difficult to do business. Taobao businesses are layers of pressure, it is difficult to make money. The micro business why can fire, because the dealer can make money.

two, platform sales

factory directly to do electricity supplier risk is too large, but attached to the platform its final result is to squeeze the platform. The press and to the owners in the commercial real estate business shop is the same.


advertising Bash

is thinking of the Internet many enterprises only pay attention to how to flicker, online and offline advertising bash, create momentum, open visibility, and do not pay attention to brand back-end product and user experience.

four, low price promotion

consumers to buy things on the Internet is really to the low price of it? In fact, consumers want to be convenient and other value, not just cheap.

example: Jingdong does not take the cheap route, although Tmall’s 3>

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