See the network privacy through the Shi Jing nude storm

    recently on the history of the strongest female assistant – Electrolux (China) Co., Ltd., general manager of assistant Shi Jing nude events on the Internet quickly spread. Shi Jing’s photos began to be saved in a friend’s online photo album, with a password. But some people break the album password before the photo spread out, and thus the "history of the strongest female assistants" overnight.

      nude understandable, their private photos, people love to shoot what it is someone else’s thing, but it happens to a hacker will be published in the public, which is a violation of privacy. Can be such a situation, but there are so many sites use this event to stir fry to get traffic, where the first BS!

      this can not help but worry about the security of the privacy of the network how safe? Some web albums, with a password feature, you can open their own privacy album, but such a privacy album really can privacy? Is it really safe? At present, most people use the album estimation of non Tencent Inc launched QQ space (Qzone), many young people will own the stored photos to share with friends, but when the Tencent launched version 4 QQ space, the encryption album by more and more Q friends, can not exclude anyone using this photo storage your private photos.

      but Qzone security is worth questioning, use Baidu Search "QQ space album password cracking, use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 48800, with a time of 0.001 seconds, the data I have no more, excerpts are as follows:

The first step of

– IE (open space is of course, QQ does not support Firefox -IE) – tool options – delete files delete F- COOKISS- open set – see the folder
second step – Open – click refresh album in just open the folder, and then search the file name extension to
input album name two times to find next… Then see a little below the connection is the encryption album pictures at the end of a pull at the beginning of the http://s. and a string of numbers, copy to the IE… Can see….

      this is just the first page of my search content, whether there are other specific methods, I do not know, do not want to study. How can such a "safety" is not.

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