Google WEB research and development of new experience to move closer to the APP 404 dead wrong

[Abstract] after the popularity of HTML5, download or install APP on a mobile phone or tablet will be an ancient history.


Tencent technology mobile Internet to human life, has brought revolutionary changes. However, in the implementation of Internet application, WEB (web page) and APP (application software installed locally) line, has not stopped, "support the claim, in the popularity of HTML5, mobile phone or tablet to download and install APP, will become the ancient history.

WEB technology is not immutable and frozen, according to PCWorld and a number of U.S. technology news website reported that Google (micro-blog) is developing a new generation of WEB technology standard, the new WEB will move closer to the mobile APP browser, you can save more offline data, even if the page can not be accessed, "404 mistakes will never appear to experience bad" (" can not be displayed, it may be a network problem or 404 error! ").

in the context of the Internet connection unimpeded, WEB application experience, compared with the local APP is not much difference, while the focus of Google research and development, is in the context of network disconnection, so that the page has a better experience.

this week, in the American city of New York held a "O" ReillyVelocity "of the Internet industry and technology conference, Google Engineer Russell (AlexRussell) attended the meeting, Russell at the meeting, introduced the technology being developed by Google.

allegedly, Google developed WEB new technology or browser standard named service workers (ServiceWorkers). Russell said: "through the service workers, you will visit the web page in the future, it will always remain interactive, it will always be in the browser, even if the content is not updated."


Russell said that the service workers, equivalent to the user’s browser inside, with an agent, the user browser to contact the WEB server before and after the agent will play a role.

said that the service worker this feature will save more offline data in the browser. Through these offline data, the browser will be able to access the web page will be faster, because if there is already existing data, the browser will not need to get from the remote web server.

in the browser access to the web, if the page does not exist or there is a connection problem, people will see 404 error tips. Russell said that compared to the way modern PC applications work, 404 tips for this ancient "error" should be corrected.

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