Canton Fair enterprises trying to break through foreign trade B2B e-commerce into a bright spot

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce China Jiang Yaoping seventeen held at the fair field in some provinces and cities of regional e-commerce platform to start the ceremony, pointed out that the financial crisis swept the world, economic growth has slowed down, Chinese export growth is slowing down, the foreign trade situation is grim. How to realize the transformation of the mode of economic growth in the special economic period and how to realize the stable development of foreign trade is a problem to be solved. This shows that the Ministry of Commerce and enterprises on leveraging e-commerce and achieve the "foreign trade breakthrough" expectations.

iResearch report shows that the use of e-commerce in small and medium enterprises, in the global economic crisis, the survival rate is higher than five times the traditional enterprise. Experts predict that this year, China’s e-commerce transaction volume will remain around twenty percent growth rate, the huge development of e-commerce space immediately aroused hot debate.

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under the financial crisis, e-commerce has become an effective means of creating trade opportunities, expand business channels. According to IDC released "electronic commerce service industry of social and economic impact" report shows that in the shrinking trade, tightening consumer environment, e-commerce in Chinese reverse market expansion". China’s total e-commerce transactions reached 1 trillion and 950 billion yuan in 2008, an increase of 20%. IDC predicts that in 2009, in 2010 the overall size of China’s e-commerce will continue to maintain high growth, making e-commerce the next two years, China’s economic development highlights.

some experts believe that the spread of the financial crisis, e-commerce has become an important factor in the economic crisis caused by economic planning, business model, investment model and even the revolution of the living mode. Whether China can quickly promote the application of e-commerce will not only determine whether Chinese enterprises can survive the financial crisis, but also decide whether China will seize the opportunity to narrow the gap with the world economy.

experts at the same time in an interview with reporters that e-commerce in stimulating domestic demand, promote employment and consumption advantages should be taken seriously. As a modern circulation mode, e-commerce has penetrated into all fields of production, circulation and consumption, to change the traditional management mode, reduce transaction costs, improve economic efficiency, plays an increasingly important role in promoting regional economic development.

CEO Dyson said a hundred responses to a single call, "fair there are high threshold, high cost etc. to enter the exhibition, how with the lowest cost among the fair undoubtedly poses a problem in front of many enterprises. B2B e-commerce in the Canton Fair undoubtedly meet the needs of the vast number of small and medium enterprises’ gold rush ‘fair, will become another highlight of the Canton fair."

"Chinese has 46 million small and medium-sized enterprises, and each year to only 2/10000 enterprises to participate in the fair, more and more enterprises due to limited funds and manpower constraints, the booth was shut out, which missed. A hundred responses to a single call will use its own platform advantages and resources advantages, through the unique "search + show + network" three-in-one B2B professional service mode for domestic can not participate "

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