Adsense network broadcast the pattern of the search engine regeneration change Amoy brand game rules

1: Baidu search engine structure regeneration becomes 360 Tencent bid for Sogou

May 8th evening news, investment industry sources, the Sohu’s Sogou is seeking to sell at present, Baidu, 360, Tencent in the bid, including 360 for the most active, but Baidu bid higher, the negotiations are underway.

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2 Amoy brand game rules change: the overall strength of the competition or welcome merger tide

Amoy brand have to face is that the rules of the game are changing: the product price will be hung on the business’s gone for ever, now is the brand proposition, supply chain management, marketing team, the overall strength of the competition.

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3 innovative Secret America’s most low-key picture site make a lot of money

in the era of the Internet, everyone can publish works, so millions of images are filled with endless public information network world. Shutterstock is how to grow from amateur photographer platform for the network Gallery tycoon, for all aspects of our lives on the visual feast of the


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4 mobile browser how to play: App operation of the search realized

360 is currently only a small team in the development of mobile phone browser, this is because the mobile Internet is different from the traditional Internet, mobile phone browser is no longer the only entrance value, 360 are now more concerned about safety, app store and APP development." With the PC browser built the "wall" of the 360 search share quickly rushed to the 10% Zhou Hongyi in an earnings conference, and analysts said in exchange. At this point, the penetration rate of 360 browsers on the PC has reached 80%, but the mobile terminal is only about 4%.

but this seems to be regarded as chairman of the board Yu Yongfu UC, it is more like a listed company in the face of investors before the landscaping answer. "I also understand that it is a publicly traded company." Yu Yongfu believes that mobile browser is a good business, but not a good business.

and friends in Europe CEO Song Lin seems that the future of mobile browsers and even have the power to change the search pattern, but only the future.

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