Computer world cover report advertising alliance 7 sins

development of the major domestic websites advertising alliance so far, has covered most of the Internet sites, advertisers become one of the important channels of online advertising. According to incomplete statistics, in 2009 the advertising alliance revenue has more than 2 billion yuan. But the advertising market is the dragons and fishes jumbled together. In addition to the Google alliance, Baidu alliance and other leading 10~20, advertising alliance and a large number of small and medium size, uneven in quality. Its fierce competition can be imagined.

in order to survive, in order to benefit, some advertising alliance regardless of business rules, many commercial "crimes committed by default:" the proliferation of pornography; reduce the percentage of owners or hard buckle; around and elongated settlement period..

this should be about to enter the integration phase of the advertising alliance must. Next, advertising alliance will be increasingly fierce competition, the choice of advertisers more and more critical; of advertising alliance put forward higher requirements; then, some small and medium-sized alliance, especially the integrity of the low advertising alliance will go bust, advertising market will further purification. In this process, the importance of advertisers and the interests of the owners, is the long-term survival of the advertising alliance.


"computer world" cover report: advertising alliance 7 sins


advertisers and owners of the advertising alliance over reliance on the abnormal relationship, directly led to the arrogant attitude of the advertising alliance. In March this year, to China 5 years of Korean anchenghai found, group purchase website is like a raging fire in Chinese rise, and in several founders of brainstorming, they decided to make a group purchase website navigation. Thus, to excellent buy life network was born.

An Chenghai began to apply to join the Baidu alliance, but, I applied to the Baidu alliance two times, did not pass, this may be because the beginning of the flow is very small reason." An Chenghai said that after the help of South Korean friends, to excellent buy life successfully joined the Google alliance.

filed for the two time on the Baidu alliance experience, anchenghai some annoyed, he felt that the Baidu union is too proud. Just 5 months later, to excellent buy life flow increased a lot, is already a well-known buy navigation website. Now apply for Baidu Union, there is no problem, but I will not apply to join the Baidu alliance." An Chenghai said.

for the webmaster, a strong advertising alliance has absolute right to speak, want to give you mouth to eat, you have a meal to eat." An Chenghai said.

, for example, compared to other alliances, Google to the webmaster to be accumulated to 100 U.S. dollars to pay, and still pay by check. General personal site put Google advertising three or four months later, can accumulate to this number. And those small sites because of the high cost of the yuan into the cheque exchange, so it will be accumulated to super

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