Ali mother Taobao guest several common promotion methods

"360 shopping assistant incident" slap out a lot of habits "diving" personal webmaster. Life is not easy, but also be naked QJ, who put on the body have to get angry. This matter until now even if the end, do not have to say. Need to know a friend can go to search for the 360 intervention Taobao Taobao Ali mom Taobao customer alliance community can not be accessed, and why customers so angry shopping assistant no less than rogue software".

recently got a Taobao guest community, the domain name is not bad, is taobaoke point com. The primary purpose of the site is to create a professional, pure Taobao customer communication environment. This time while filling the content of the site, while finishing or some of the original Taobao aspects of the article, when the right is the initial publicity bar. This article mainly arranges some practical methods about the promotion of Taobao off the mainstream, including combat and methods I have the effect, but also from the Internet and do some Taobao customers friends experience, and share with everyone.

1 micro-blog promotion

micro-blog is a typical representative of relationship marketing, which has a large number of potential target users. All you have to do is look for the target user, and then sort it out. For different types of users, the establishment of multiple accounts. The benefits of the establishment of multiple accounts is to be able to subdivide the topic, to show the target user’s information is more relevant to maximize their attention to attract, improve the probability of micro-blog forwarding. At the same time, these accounts can also be shared between the fans, forwarding each other between different accounts, expand the influence of micro-blog spread. Of course, micro-blog do not want to promote the best direct advertising, or just send ads, it is easy to let others dislike. The site should be like as well, each account, can send some complementary and promotion information. For example, skin care category, you can share some of the classic skin care experience, skin care DIY, so that users interested. Specific content can refer to 99 beautiful website editor wrote some articles, their experience is worth learning from.

2 forum to promote

blog declined, SNS community declined. But the forum has maintained a strong, from this point, we have no reason to give up this platform. According to their target users, collect a number of forums; a general understanding of each forum rules, can find the link plate, used for preliminary screening of Collecting Forum; speculation selection of popular events, and their contents need to promote the closer the better; the title in the allowable range, the more shocking the better choice of active peak forum; top posts, top posts content can arouse the interests of each user; Collecting Forum effect on these forums for screening, several of the most obvious choice effect, some energy to do; make good relationship with the forum administrator, try to reduce the risk of post was deleted.

3 ebook promotion

don’t think too hard, it is very simple: collect content, and then integrate the content together. A little bit of software

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