Adsense network broadcast sales patterns change red rice Note do not grab the store business how to

1 millet change sales mode red rice Note do not buy

red rice Note yesterday officially went on sale in the QQ space, and the first batch of red rice sold together, a total of 300 thousand units, do not guess there is a certain time instant sellout, of course the number 300 thousand is not much, soon to be sold is also expected. According to the information displayed on the page, red rice Note second round of purchase on April, and even millet company played a fight speed, want to spike Say no slogan, it seems that after the sales model will change.

2.12 data to help you get the store business  

(1) turnover

1) turnover reflects the store’s business trends.

for the past sales data, combined with the development of the industry in the region, through the daily turnover of regular follow-up, weekly summary comparison, in order to adjust the promotion and promotion activities.

2) set up sales target for store and employees.


movie website link bundled advertising alliance earn 2 million cousins alleged infringement was caught  


hours the erection of the film website, spent 800 yuan per month rental server, Wuhan cousin Zhang Qiang and Tian Long using the website link, infringement of television copyright in two or three years from Baidu Union, Taobao alliance illegal access to advertising costs nearly 2 million yuan.

in December last year, the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Gulou Branch network police brigade received an investigation by the police investigation unit, the unit has a server in Xuzhou. In January this year, Zhang Qiang and Tian Long in Wuhan has been arrested.

"technical control"

forum to build website technology

4 WeChat public number navigation website mad burn to shape the traffic entrance  

March 27th news, the growing number of WeChat public numbers are becoming entrepreneurs targeting new markets. Billion state power network to understand, the country has begun to appear in many public number WeChat navigation site, trying to build traffic entrance for the public number of fans into.

it is understood that WeChat home page, WeChat public number navigation, WeChat navigation network, V letter 173, as well as the recent high-profile on-line sweep treasure network, etc. are trying to navigate the model from the WeChat public numbers mining business opportunities. In addition, the mobile terminal has begun to appear micro channel public number navigation class App.

5 car home: Net 450 million media transformation of  

with the New York Stock Exchange in December 11, 2013, a bell rang, the creation time is not long, the car home opened a trip to the market. The latest earnings data show that in 2013, the car home net revenues of 12 yuan >

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