Google advertising is located in China account terms important changes

November 24th news: Google recently sent to the AdWords users to modify the terms of the mail, said the terms of the AdWords account in China has undergone important changes.

Google said: AdWords account of the important changes in the terms of China, the user must comply with the requirements of these provisions. If there is a violation of the terms of the act will be punished, including but not limited to: without notice, this agreement or the customer account is terminated immediately; face legal punishment and consequences, this provision only for China area change, no change in other countries.

Google AdWords is similar to Baidu bidding advertising business, some time ago, the emergence of a crisis of confidence in Baidu, and Chinese Google AdWords advertising, especially in medicine, in fact, there are similar problems. For example, appeared before the QQ currency scams and credit card fraud advertising, there are advertising to deceive and mislead consumers, sometimes show some sensitive advertising abroad, the estimation of Google will increase Chinese area AdWords supervision, to prevent similar illegal advertising at.

full text of the latest AdWords advertising terms:

Google advertising plan terms


Google advertising program clause ("terms") signed by the terms or sign any documents refer to this clause or accept the terms in the electronic form of customers (depending on the situation) ("customer") and the Shanghai Search Advertising Company Limited ("structure optimization") signed between.


terms Google advertising plan (the "plan", see for plan common problems ("common problems")) and (if applicable) the customer of any such plan, customers of any advertising online management ("online management") signed between both sides and / or any advertising order or service agreement ("advertising orders") (collectively referred to as the "agreement"). For Google AdWords program in terms of Google Inc. (China) authorized business contractor. In this agreement, Google means Google Ireland Limited, its affiliates and their respective authorized agents ("Google").

note that Google is not a party to this clause. Customer hereby agrees and confirms:

1 policy

The use of

for the plan to comply with all applicable structure optimization, Google and partners (as defined below second) advertising specifications and policies, including but not limited to editorial guidelines (, Google (> privacy policy

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