How to get out of the vicious circle of network download

February 27th, Chinese Music Copyright Society formally to Baidu to launch an attack. Chinese Music Works Association has filed a lawsuit to the court, asked Baidu to immediately stop the infringement, compensation for the love of China, a total of 50 songs Copyright Royalties of $1 million. It is reported that, due to the use of pirated, the world’s largest Chinese search engine company Baidu has been faced with a number of global record companies and Chinese music works association. Chinese Music Copyright Society of Qu Jingming in the music copyright society’s official website said, "(Baidu Inc) without approval, to provide services to audition and download music, so as to obtain huge hits, eventually get huge advertising revenue."

and earlier, the company has also encountered the United States Film Association’s 6 film producers of piracy infringement charges. In addition to the end of February 3rd, the thunder and the infringement of the complaint, the thunder was sentenced to lose, the thunder to pay 150 thousand yuan to a broadband technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai. There is no doubt that the industry has a number of companies optimistic about the value of the network video industry. The online video providers such as Baidu, thunder, Google, etc., how to deal with video copyright infringement, or will become the bottleneck of the development of network video industry.

access for huge advertising revenue

is not the first time Baidu has been accused. In November 2006, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) on behalf of global, Warner 7 record company, sued Baidu music in an owner or record company to buy music copyright royalty case, provide free music, download, and provides some pirated music download address. Baidu won the lawsuit. The legal profession that was in the national laws are not perfect, so take advantage of the site. The court gave the ruling in favor of Baidu, but also relatively hinted that the Internet users can still enjoy free download lunch.

it is understood that the investment in the domestic network music service market, Baidu, Google China, YAHOO china. Baidu Inc market share accounted for 60%, Google China accounted for about 25%, YAHOO China accounted for about 10% of the share. Insiders, the domestic online video services are free, there is a certain non-standard. The service provided by the music search site can accumulate a lot of access to a huge amount of advertising revenue. Another commented that the video copyright company is to see the online video services market is huge, only hand to provide online audio and video service website sued for compensation.

cooperation to avoid illegal download problem

it is understood that in the United States, the Apple Corp’s iTunes online music download online audition, to provide paid service; Britain and France have legislation prohibiting illegal piracy.

but the domestic video online search, download and other services are provided in the form of free. Users can easily through many free resources in the web site to enjoy downloads and other services. So there is no market for paid music sites, users simply do not pay to

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