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only allows women to post", "sesame credit scores of 750 or more to comment, other users can point praise and reward, always wanted to compete with WeChat in a Tencent social Ali, relying on the latest try Alipay called" circle ", instantly attracted many eyes. At the same time also sparked public tucao.

The latest version of 9.9.7

that Alipay released in November 24th in function, Alipay will according to the different characteristics of the crowd "invited to enter the life circle, at present, Alipay has launched nearly a circle, covering areas such as financial stocks, funds, insurance, maternal and child class pregnant mothers and infants. In the city class pets, running, fitness, reading, games, animation, digital, and overseas Chinese circle etc..

then the fire circle, is undoubtedly the "campus diary" and "white-collar diary", by 27, the emergence of such a document to self enclosed girl boyfriend and some clothes for a reward exposed photos and other content, two Alipay circle respectively more than 10 million hits, while in public to contain pornographic and other causes bad information Tucao, after the official clean-up, November 28th, such information has been greatly reduced.

"for the common interests of users, based on the real name of the interactive community." Alipay official circles to define, but not social, community. Alipay "circle" is divided into open type and closed type two categories: the former can enter the search in Alipay, the latter must be invited to enter. From friends interactive mobile platform from the earliest start, to defeat after the launch of WeChat office software social "nail", and then in August this year, Alipay and ant payment service upgrade, this time aimed at providing shared community ". The real name of the interaction based on enthusiasts, Ali and Ma Yun (micro-blog)" social dream "has been placed in the public spotlight: there are more than 450 million users of Alipay, what should focus on its own financial sector to social leaving WeChat, or WeChat can do since the payment, Alipay did a good social

"?How hot is the

circle? More than 25 million people have read the "white collar diary" and "campus diary"



circle is how to instantly ignite all the "passion" in November 27th? "Journal of campus circle", "white-collar diary circle", part of the large scale users to upload photos, is "not", netizens think photos or suspected vulgar, Wang Sicong joked on a micro-blog.

the "campus diary" rules introduced on the evening of November 24th, the rules show that only female students can publish dynamic, other users can point praise and reward, and the only female college students and sesame credit score greater than or equal to 750 users can comment. The rules of the white-collar diaries circle were released on the evening of November 25th, and it is also shown that only white-collar ladies can

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