The community network flow is not large, income Zeling

      Xu Xiangtao: Hello, I have some simple, notice when I set the theme together earlier, may I say today is a network operation of the community topic, and technology innovation as Never mind too much.

      I am the fence net, fence net in Shanghai family life consumption this topic related community there is quite influential in recent years, if you are decoration, marriage, or a child basically know our. Our website is a great forum, the Internet forum is a very old things, but a lot of things is not necessarily the pursuit of technological innovation, the old things in the good is very good, as we are the first in the beginning of the 03 year of the forum, behind gradually in the commercialization of the customer Guide to business platform from the community, and then generate transactions, this year our current situation this year and perhaps we can form 500 million of the transaction amount, gross profit can reach more than 40 million, this data is certainly can, and we may before they say Mr. yellow 51.COM is not the same, they mixed in the Internet for many years. Have a solid foundation, their membership is 75 million, we cannot than with them, we have only about 1000000, but the result of these transactions in such small users, production Have the money I feel or can, how to allow users to become your valid user, because the number of registered users, the number of visitors, what is popular, but in fact this is not our goal, you do business goal is to earn money, is how to make money, no money is popular this is to burn burn earn server. Why do our users trade with us? Why so few users can produce such a big deal? I think we have a great relationship with the site operations, community operations this piece of practice, here to share with you.
      you can see the title is written in front of the chicken and egg of the online community, give and take, that means we do not have any basis in the website open up or you want to go out the community, the popular speculation of course there is every kind of means, including the routine, including rogue has many means, but that no matter what kind of method is very troublesome problem that users want to, so why did he come? For your content, your activity and so on, is sure to attract his things he will come, but you have these things that attract him, either has, or is he to have the user to have these things, you may not own to attach something to attract some of the users. There is a first user first, first, the user first? This is a very headache. In your popularity or money, you are a lot of popularity, because I see a lot of community operations tend to put the popularity of this thing, it is

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