Adsense network 2011 first public lecture how to make use of Taobao customers to make money

    with the increase of the state of Internet supervision, owners living space is limited, formerly by doing novel website, video website, pictures website traffic is king of the era of the past, the webmaster to survive, have to face modification, what type website, how many webmaster do become a topic of concern. With the rapid development of China’s e-commerce, e-commerce market has great potential to dig.

the speaker: Wu Yongbin, screen name: off, was born in October 1989, at the age of 16 full-time contact personal website operation, 08 years worked at A5 responsible for the forum signature business, as founder of the art network signature during A5, then at its peak, Baidu GG ranked first stable for more than half a year. Later founded personal business manager network, due to policy reasons was forced to close after the sale. Now led the 7 person team operating station of Taobao group, mainly for female cosmetics and skin care products, have deep understanding of Taobao customers all kinds of products, how to get traffic from search has its own unique way, the Taobao team off date income reached 3K.

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