Network business times for your business to find such a clerk

is dedicated only to one or more " standard " clerical enterprise and unit

" " clerk: the concept of standard agent in our proposed in the article, mainly refers to the traditional sense of the clerk, and cited in this paper; the standard clerk I mentioned here refers to: the office is responsible for the case at present most of the enterprises and units in the company, and occasionally both administrative etc. small content.


this article is about to put forward " extension clerk ":: refers to the argument for this article type, can be in the back of the text to know.

first a simple example of an ordinary company clerk working time is 8 hours, at present many companies have such a clerk: copywriter content needs to be sorted out is not particularly large; so 8 hours clerk himself sometimes very boring, the old plate is spent a the monthly salary, please a working time less than 8 hours / day of the staff, how to make good use of the 8 hours, let a clerk produce a greater force of an enterprise, which is mainly discussed from the clerk to me this.

is a network era, information sharing era; electronic commerce is a stage of the product of the development of network era; and the enterprise electronic commerce is an important part of the enterprise in the network information age; so an enterprise network marketing has become the enterprise to win in the network era of e-commerce,.

means to obtain more business opportunities

said many companies have a website, do not need to network marketing; I think this is because Chinese SMEs don’t understand network marketing lead; I used to do an example of my clients: no network era in the past, the traditional economic China street shops (the Department), from a first city only one selling the same goods to the seller later street almost all sell the same commodity goods has the same degree of competition between the street, waiting for customers to come to rely on advertising to attract customers; so the first advertising enterprises and companies in the later than no advertising the natural development; then began to do advertisement spread, consumers have gradually sober look at advertisements; and this time the rise of the Internet, network operators have a part of knowledge began to sell their products on the Internet Business, the Internet is a new love " " place, new content to obtain rapid development in the early days of the Internet will be like this; if you shop is the first open a product sales department, you are more likely than others to earn a lot of money; similarly, if you are the one of the product marketing in the network business, more profit you will also earn more than others; think of the development of electronic commerce today, if the product is only your network in an enterprise, there are many free platform for the dissemination of information on the network, for example, if I want to do business in Yantai, I search through " Yantai business; " or " Yantai trade.

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