The combination of marketing and technology, and humor are often combined with hot spots

Han Xin and Liu Bang talk, "but your majesty letter words can be" one hundred thousand ", such as Morrison, The more, the better.", but "your majesty will not, and will be good, so Han Xin just Liu Bang’s will.

There is a "and"

power between a "yiwujiangyiwu" between people and social, electricity providers to do that, you alone can not sell much, but can be a website crashed thousands of millions of traffic and sales……

all cannot do without a "borrowing strength" and integration.

when marketing has become one of the essential products of business, and now it should be fully integrated with what forces, the formation of new forces?


first, hi tech

, for example, a large number of single dog abuse of senior stealth vending machine. This is a Valentine’s day Coca-Cola launched a romantic advertising and marketing, the darkness of the night, "empty" the road passes through for a lonely single people, a couple walked after, the invisible vending machine suddenly lit up, add a giant romantic advertising "open happiness", when the couple reported with their name printed on the bottle after the name of a couple, the one and only drink with joy……

for example, this is the magic of ordering pizza hut. A seemingly ordinary table, consumers have sat down, without the attendant, through their own desktop (oh, this is really a table!!) meal, ingredients, dosage selection and collocation of the pizza, the completion of the private custom Pizza Hut restaurants, such as meal time, can also choose a table top game option one side of the game, while waiting for meal.

is the first example of high-profile romantic is full of surprises and happiness (of course, the user’s sense of single shot and killed the dogs said again) second examples, low-key warm and practical, just do not know what time can spread it, there are many hotels have achieved a flat food, table food and play what are not.

why use high-tech? This is the age of the Internet users will never be ignored the light, as long as you have the ability to attract eyeballs, generally recognized what advertising is not advertising will get the majority of their compatriots, in most cases also have a very positive publicity energy.

second, easy to laugh at the humorous element

micro-blog V in satin hand, how profitable? Advertising, which is easy to fit marketing and a sense of humor. Oh, here not for example, everyone "worship" Durex, Durex itself occupies a big advantage: "edge", as long as the elegant and the "edge" of the play for marketing, is the marketing and the perfect collection of humor.


Liu Xiang retired, how to say? I track my bar!! Just Du it


, Durex said, is Dudu enjoy


…… >

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