The fruit of cloud under the cloud – cloud innovation project of Suzhou ndustrial Park

talents, entrepreneurship and innovation, in September 23rd, the Suzhou Industrial Park project successfully held the first show cloud innovation roadshow, roadshow scene, 6 projects won the "cloud innovation project", their innovative entrepreneurial passion, a powerful and unconstrained style of the project, to showcase the park cloud computing industry vigorous innovation and unlimited future.


project 1, bargain Wang

iPhone 6 transaction price of less than 2 cents

Entrepreneurs: Yang Jicheng miles, from the island of Taiwan to start

Yang Jicheng, the Taiwan compatriots, the first global bargain auction marketing shopping guide platform — "bargain king" is the only one on the roadshow will block the cloud innovation projects, "the Taiwan market is too small, and the park innovation atmosphere, supporting entrepreneurship policy very attractive"

"to buy things in the" king of bargain ", transaction price is low it is hard to imagine, in Taiwan, the tablet computer market of NT $9999, 26 in Suzhou, with the latest iPhone 6, the price of less than 2 cents." Yang Jicheng introduced, immediately aroused the interest of all present.


Who is the price to kill the lowest

"king of bargain game rules, the only bidder can bid." Yang Jicheng told reporters last week, "bargain King trial operation in the Soviet Union," WeChat public number bargain King Pinyin, we can immediately bargain, each bid to pay fees, no bid fee of 100%, return your shopping shopping to gold, gold can bargain King partners to buy things.

project 2: mind box from the media social platform

"your goddess will receive"

Entrepreneur: Wu Wenbin 85 after CEO

"over the past 20 years, the PC end of the growth of the Internet in 20 years, an era, is the traditional electricity supplier miracle however, the next day is belong to the mobile Internet, social electricity providers will realize the ambition" the young people yearning for heroic utterance CEO.

electricity supplier + social mind box, through the mobile phone APP client and WeChat platform, provide free gift, to express the mind, sun wishes service for the user, but also through other ways to raise the public as the user wishes and dreams.


regardless of birthdays, festivals, or sent to the goddess, send their parents, just online shopping, others will receive a surprise, said Wu Wen Bin, mind box has a more flexible business processes and social attributes of many people involved. You can also bask in the desire to gather together, to send gifts, no matter how much others will be as a mind to save in the wish box

project 3: for mobile terminals to build smart campus pocket campus flat

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