A sample of the electricity supplier of the media headlines today the sale of electricity supplier s

today’s headlines cooperation electricity supplier diversion sale channel, is a typical CPS scenario, the user enters a commodity aggregation page through H5 headlines today click, and can directly browse, order, purchase and payment in the page. After the end of the transaction, today’s headlines from Ali’s mother’s Taobao union earned Taobao commission.

titanium media note: with the accelerated reform of the media, more and more media opened the diversification of the road, many regional media have already started the local life and business try, titanium media articles have previously disclosed and analyzed. Recently, in the copyright problem in today’s headlines, quietly launched a personalized brand sale electricity supplier channel. Personalized recommendation can be understood, this is today’s headlines this app recommended in many news core elements in these applications A new force suddenly rises. however, through the press cage poly popularity, through personalized recommendation, to guide the sale business work? The following is titanium media author’s own view:

recently had the news leaked, APP news lawsuits today’s headlines low-key on-line business edition personalized recommendation brand sale channel, and invited more than Taobao’s big business cooperation platform. Specific process is: the user clicks on the promotion of business activities to enter the channel page, and then click on a single product into the details of the page, and finally click on the link to jump to Taobao to complete the purchase.

I also got the beta product DEMO and the actual screenshots, first hand is as follows:

mobile realizable three ways – electricity providers, search, game

Because of the characteristics of

wireless, as everyone knows, the traditional advertising model has certain harm to the user experience, leading to the realization the wireless client face is not optimistic, especially for today’s headlines this news APP, users use their APP is the main access to information based on the needs of the commercial scene itself needs to be cautious, otherwise hard to lay the country will be destroyed on one day.

so, why today’s headlines will choose this way electricity supplier


is either PC or mobile, realized mainly through three ways: electricity, search, games, which also corresponds to the core business of the most profitable BAT, the search is Baidu’s own, but the mobile user behavior in an irreversible decline is more decentralized; although Tencent is a social advocate, but really business is a game of golden eggs.

electricity supplier relative to the realization of the ability to expand and more powerful, that can be done directly on the platform or the transaction, you can also rely on Taobao to do a large peripheral shopping guide. From the chart we can see today’s headlines "sale" this channel is actually based on Ali’s Taobao, Tmall business resources, Taobao customer mode built shopping channel page.

headline sale mode detailed

business itself is a heavy operation work flow, transactions, inventory, logistics, distribution, customer service, chain, any link.

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