Pony song only chasing hot spots is really no point of marketing

pursuit of hot spots, detonated brand, has become the inertia of marketing practices. The annual marketing event reaches millions, but the probability of success is only a few hundred thousand. In the "off hot, instead of chasing, as" social class scene, pony song to share his insights on brand marketing, he thinks that the essence of marketing, from the patient polished product started, rather than blindly chasing the burst point, to a certain extent, more from the chase hot the success of the enterprise is a kind of anxiety, lazy behavior.

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marketing event probability of success is only 1/20 million

to tell a story when UNIQLO fitting room event, I give a business consulting boss, the boss asked me such a question, he said you think UNIQLO events, is their own doing? I said is absolutely impossible, UNIQLO must not do such a thing. And he said, actually, we still want to do something like this. This incident has exposed a particularly common thinking, that is, through a burst point, hot brand detonated quickly, I think this is the purpose of many people today.

so the new media marketing special fire, when WeChat came out, many people in the name of new media marketing to get money. First of all, I am not opposed to chasing hot spots, and not the new media marketing is not good, but we too much emphasis on this matter, that the hot spots and explosion is the only way to success. Results all blindly chase hot, this is a bit of a spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. Hot spots, burst point is not not to chase, can not be created, but should return to the real marketing level.

you can think of the 10 marketing hot spots in 2016, I think you must not think of the 10, although we are very concerned about the circle of people. 70 million, this is China’s total number of enterprises registered in 2015, the country now has 7000 enterprises. 30698, this is what I can find China is now engaged in the advertising industry, the number of companies, the actual number may be even more than this number.

assumes a minimum of one year advertising company in the new media for customers to do 10 things, one year almost 1 million pieces of marketing events, but we can not remember the year 10, the probability of less than 1/10 million, the probability of successful event marketing is very small. And a lot of successful events is not planned out, but actually did not plan to explode the incident, there is no expected, and then cut to half, the probability of successful marketing is only 1/20 million, this thing sounds particularly funny.

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seeking to detonate hot spots, often lazy approach

in the Internet environment, how many rely on the marketing of the ultimate success of the enterprise – WeChat circle of friends just appeared, there is a smart watch, is said to raise 8 million in a circle of friends in 24 hours. At that time felt too cow, the new media dry 8 million a night, the final product did not do it, just draw a drawing.

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